Elite 11 Finals: Final QB Rankings, Del Rio Impresses

Brooks Austin

The Elite 11 Finals in Murfreesboro, Tennessee has commenced and we here at Dawgs Daily have compiled the data from all three days along with our collective observations to bring you or final rankings. 

*Disclaimer: Our rankings are based solely on how each individual athlete performed over the three days in Murfreesboro. 

1. Carlos Del Rio - Loganville (Ga.) Grayson

On Day 1, Del Rio looked better than I've ever seen him look. On Day 2, despite how Elite 11 scored the pro day, SI All-American scored him higher than any other quarterback. Then on Day 3, he finished second in the accuracy gauntlet. It was a three-day display from Del Rio, and that is why he's taking home our No. 1 spot. 

2. Caleb Williams - Washington (D.C.) Gonzaga College HS

Williams finished second in the Rail Shot competition at the end of Monday's workout and was far and away the most talented in terms of arm strength and ability throughout the week. He didn't win any of the events but was in close competition all three days by our scoring. 

3. Brock Vandagriff - Bogart (Ga.) Prince Avenue Christian

Brock finished third among campers in the Rail Shot competition on Monday, had a fairly decent pro day on day two, finishing in the middle of the pack on SIAA's scoring, then walked away with day three of the competition. He won the accuracy gauntlet with a time of 1:43, there wasn't another QB under 2-minutes. 

4. J.J. McCarthy - Bradenton (Fla.) IMG Academy

The Michigan commitment was thoroughly impressive throughout the week. He's got above-average arm strength and the accuracy was on par with just about anybody at the event. He also did one of the more impressive things I've ever seen in a quarterback. 

He jumped in the air, spun 360 degrees, then before hitting the ground ripped a ball thirty yards and hit a wide receiver in the chest. He was just goofing around, but nonetheless, freaky. 

5. Ty Thompson - Gilbert (Ariz.) Mesquite

Thompson had a firm hold on the No. 2 spot throughout the week, but he really died off on day three of the event. The arm strength diminished greatly, and the accuracy dipped off as well. Nonetheless, a great week from the Oregon commit, and what a frame this young man has. It's uncommon to find a prospect this put together and when you look at him in the face, he's only going to continue to mature it seems. 

6. Garrett Nussmeier - Flower Mound (Texas) Marcus

Nussmeier and Moss are rather similar prospects, but I'd give Nussmeier the overall edge in terms of arm strength, though Moss has premier ball placement. Though as I told him and his family following the event, I was more impressed with the way in which he carried himself throughout the week. 

The body language was incredible, the energy he brought to the camp, constantly encouraging those around him in an environment that typically doesn't lend itself to that type of conduct. He's a leader and that's invaluable at the quarterback position. 

7. Luke Altmyer - Starkville (Miss.)

If Florida State holds onto this prospect they are getting an all-around passer. The arm strength is only going to continue to develop, but the smoothness of his stroke is unparalleled in this class. He's accurate, he's put together well, and he throws an extremely tight football. I was thoroughly impressed throughout the week. 

8. Miller Moss - Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei

The timing, accuracy, and ball placement from the USC commitment proved clean throughout the week. It's something that showed up on tape in terms of his ball placement, there is a concern that there's not top-end arm strength but he can put it wherever he wants.

He's the classic example of a quarterback that doesn't do one thing particularly great but does everything really well. 

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9. Kyle McCord - Philadelphia (Pa.) St. Joseph's Prep

McCord clearly struggled on Day one, whether it was nerves or whatever. McCord came back on Day two and lit it up in the pro day. He came in third on the SI All-American scores, but arguments can be made that he was on par with Del Rio and J.J. McCarthy. He looked like a different prospect on Day 2. He followed it up with a solid showing on Day three. 

10. Behren Morton - Eastland (Texas)

Morton's pro day left a bit to be desired, he had a few tough misses, but I don't think I saw a single ball wobble all week. It was tight, it was smooth, and it was fluid on every single throw. Which, when you're throwing upwards of 200 footballs in a three-day span, is incredibly tough to do. 

Then you add into the equation that he's a solid athlete and can move extremely well, you've got a Top-10 performer at the event, in my opinion. 

11. Christian Veilleux - Potomac (Md.) The Bullis School

The Penn State pledge is just so big and physical that it's clear to see why he's here. The Canadian prospect is streaky at times with accuracy, however. This is a trust the measurables and frame type of football player at the quarterback position. He's big, sturdy and can really drive the football. Which in the weather of the Big 10, is something you're going to have to do. 

12. Drake Maye - Charlotte (N.C.) Myers Park

Maye, like McCord, had a pretty tough Day one of the event, but he continued to get better and better and the week progressed and finally began to settle into what we saw on tape leading up to the Elite 11. I like his competitive nature a lot as well, you could tell during the Accuracy Gauntlet that he loves to compete and loves to win. 

12. Kaidon Salter - Cedar Hill (Texas)

The Tennessee commitment started off slow on Day 1 and bounced back in a major way during the Pro Day.

13. Maddox Kopp - Houston (Texas) St. Thomas

The uncommitted Texan flashed about as well as any passer on hand during his top throws, but he missed pretty badly throughout the pro day. He's so raw at this point, but he's rather new to the position in comparison to some of these other guys. 

I'm interested to see what he looks like after a few more years of developing as a passer. Right now, he's just a thrower, but a pretty dang good one at that. 

14. Kyron Drones - Pearland (Texas) Shadow Creek

The Baylor commitment's high-arching deep ball was on display during the pro day portion of the event. I love the physical traits that he possesses and the ability to really move in and out of the pocket on tape makes him a dangerous prospect. 

15. Tyler Macon - East St. Louis (Ill.)

The Missouri-bound prospect doesn't have the long ball ability of some of his peers, but the compact passer has a quick release and proves accurate.

16. Dematrius Davis - Houston (Texas) North Shore

Auburn's dynamic commitment played high at times Monday but settled outside of the pocket well.

17. Grayson James - Plano (Texas) John Paul II

The uncommitted Texan has a compact, yet effective delivery with adequate velocity at times. He's extremely talented and smooth.

19. Tyler Buchner - La Jolla (Calif.) Helix

I can't get over the delivery. Buchner's performance here in Murfreesboro just hasn't matched what was on the tape from a year ago. It is interesting, to say the least.

20. Jay Allen - Fort Pierce (Fla.) John Carroll

A Florida baseball commitment, his release fluidity, and accuracy falls well short of his peers.