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Final Thoughts: South Carolina vs Georgia

As the matchup between the Georgia Bulldogs and the South Carolina Gamecocks nears close, we bring you our final thoughts.

The Georgia Bulldogs and the South Carolina Gamecocks have faced off 73 times, and five of those matchups have ended in 30+ point victories by the Georgia Bulldogs. So, the Bulldogs steamrolling the Gamecocks, though a rarity, is possible and that's exactly where Vegas thinks this game ends. 

Georgia is a 32 point favorite in Saturday night's matchup, and all expectations are that Georgia will take care of business in this ball game. 

JT Daniels is atop the depth chart released by head coach Kirby Smart, though one thing we've learned over the years with Smart at the helm is that his publicly released depth chart doesn't mean a hill of beans. 

Assuming Daniels does get the start, it'll be his first time on the field since the 10 to 3 win over then No. 3 ranked Clemson Tigers. 

Final Thoughts

Georgia Needs to Prove They Can Play to the Standard

In 2017, Georgia lost by 33 points on the road to an Auburn team that they would later on control in the SEC championship game. In 2018, they went on the road and lost by 20 points as favorites against an LSU team that they were better than. In 2019, they lost as BIG favorites to a South Carolina team at home. In 2020, they were favored in a game in which they lost 44 to 26 against Florida. 

History shows Kirby Smart and this Georgia Football team lay an egg at least once a season. These types of games are their opportunity to deny that narrative. 

Defense Too Strong

This Georgia defense is going to be historic, at least they are on track to do exactly that. They haven't allowed a touchdown this season and nothing from this South Carolina team says they can. South Carolina has run the ball on 62% of downs this season, and if that's the game plan against a Georgia program that has lead the nations in rush defense for three straight seasons, the Gamecocks are in even more trouble than most believe. 

Georgia rolls in this ball game, at least they should. 

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