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Georgia Football FrankenQB: Building the Best QB from What's Available

Georgia's quarterback room is deeper than ever before it seems, with a variety of skill sets present in the room. We take a look at the best of each and combine them.

Georgia's quarterback room is extremely deep. Jamie Newman and JT Daniels both have over a dozen starts in Power-5 conferences, Stetson Bennett has bounced around from UGA backup to JUCO start back to UGA backup, D'Wan Mathis is immensely talented at 6'6 with a rifle for an arm, and Carson Beck is the true freshmen of the group with tremendous upside and could be the future at the position. 

But what would happen if you could magically take the best of all of them and throw it into one FrankenQB? Let's have some fun. 

We will start with the tangible items. 

Arm Talent

The term arm talent is different than arm strength. Playing the quarterback position in modern-day football isn't about who has the strongest arm, it's about who can make the most throws from various platforms accurately and powerfully. For that reason, we have to go with JT Daniels, with a small caveat. 

Daniels was a 5-star quarterback out of Mater Dei high school in California for a reason. If you want to know what people are talking about when they say "The ball just jumps out of his hands" this is it. Though during his starts as a freshman at USC, the deep ball accuracy became a problem as the season wore on. Jamie Newman however, apart from Joe Burrow, was the best deep-ball thrower in all of college football a year ago. Give me Daniels on anything inside of 20 yards, and give me Newman on everything else. 


Being able to run the football from the quarterback position is something Georgia fans got a glimpse of with Justin Fields in spare playing time in 2018, and it seemed as if they thoroughly enjoyed it. The good news? Jamie Newman is bringing that back in 2020. He's the obvious pick here considering he lead Wake Forest in rushing attempts a year ago. 

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Hear me out here, I'm going to take the freshman, Caron Beck's frame here. He's 6'4, 225 pounds and though he's not as muscular and as physically daunting as Jamie Newman, there's still ample room for growth in the young man. And it's not like you need to be much bigger than what Beck is currently. After all, Newman is fully into his "grown man body" and he's only got five pounds on Beck as a freshman. 



Now we are into the intangibles. Things you can't see on the surface of the athlete, but rather have to observe through their life experiences. That being said, I don't think anyone of these young men has lived through what D'Wan Mathis has over the last calendar year. To have gone through life-saving brain surgery, have your freshman season taken from you, and continue to live with a smile on your face and infectious energy about you, all while being hundreds of miles away from home. 

That takes heart. No question about it. 


This is a category that separates people at the quarterback position. It's a position unlike any other in the sense that 10 other men in that huddle are quite literally looking at you on every down and every snap. It's what made Tom Brady the greatest of all-time, not his arm talent, not his frame, and dang sure not his legs. It's the ability to be the face of a program. 

By all accounts from everything we've been told here at Dawgs Daily, Jamie Newman is that guy. He's the leader of this offense so far this offseason. 

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