Former Georgia Football QB, Jake Fromm NFL Draft Stock 'Buzzing'

According to the NFL Network's Ian Rappaport, former Georgia Football QB, Jake Fromm's NFL Draft stock is buzzing headed into the draft.
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Stop me if you've heard this before. Jake Fromm is absolutely crushing interviews leading up to the NFL Draft. 

It's something that those who have followed Jake Fromm's career knew was going to happen. 

It's hard to get him in a room, or in these times, a Zoom and not leave the meeting impressed with the former Georgia quarterback. According to the NFL Network's Ian Rappaport, he's buzzing in NFL Draft circles due to his interview performance and due to the fact that NFL quarterback coaches seem to favor Fromm over the rest. 

In fact, according to Rappaport, Fromm is the favorite QB available for a lot of quarterback coaches that he's spoken to. 

He had quite a career at Georgia, and though he's not going to be known for stuffing the stat sheet, in just three years as the starter for the Bulldogs he has more than placed his mark on the record books at Georgia. 

  • 4th in yards
  • 1st in completion %
  • 1st in TD/INT ratio
  • 2nd in TDs thrown
  • 2nd in wins. 

His lack of interceptions and poor decisions could be part of the reason that NFL QB coaches prefer Fromm to be their next quarterback. Not only do you get a constant professional and potential face of the franchise, but you get someone that isn't going to turn the ball over on Sundays. His 18 interceptions in 43 collegiate starts are nothing short of spectacular. 

Despite arguably the worst season of his Georgia career in 2019, Fromm has done nothing but take as much responsibility as possible. His high school coach Von Lassiter told the Bulldog Maven that despite having every opportunity to blame his performance on a lack of separation at the wide receiver position, or several starting linemen being in and out of the rotation due to injury, Fromm has done nothing but own up for his part. He also told us that he expects Fromm to be taken much earlier than most in the media expect for the exact reason that Rappaport is apparently hearing, the guy is dynamite in a meeting room. 

"You know, I would hear the media talk during the combine about arm strength, speed, negatives, how things went last year at Georgia. But, all the people that know, all the people that matter, in the NFL are talking about how awesome his interviews have gone and about how well all the things he'd talked about with them have gone." - Von Lassitter 

And that's all without being able to actually see him on the whiteboard, drawing up plays and showing his vast knowledge of a playbook. Typically throughout these draft processes, teams will hand out playbooks to prospects then host them for a visit and allow them to display how much of the information they have retained. One can only assume that if Fromm has had any sort of chance to do such a thing during these times of social distancing that's probably the reason for t the ascension up draft boards heading into the final weeks leading up to the NFL Draft. 

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