Georgia Football: What we know about Todd Monken's Offense

Without spring practice, Georgia fans and media alike were unable to get a glimpse at what the new offense under Todd Monken might look like, here's what we know.
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Spring practice is an essential part of college football for a multitude of reasons. It provides coaches an opportunity to assess players that during the season might be on the scout team or buried down the depth chart. It gives new members of the coaching staff a chance to become accustomed to the talent and resources they are working with. 

And of course, it provides the fans a glimpse of just what the football season might have in store for the fall. 

Well, for the first time in quite a while, there was no spring practice. With a new starting quarterback and new offensive coordinator on board, a lot of fans are wondering just what the offense will look like this fall. So, we've tracked down as much information as possible. 

Here's what we know: 

Todd Monken

There's been growing speculation that Georgia is moving into the air raid system, similar to what Monken ran at Oklahoma State and Southern Miss. However, the sources we've spoken to at Dawgs Daily have stated that it's NFL film from his days in Cleveland and Tampa Bay that they were showing over Zoom meetings with players. So, what did he run in Cleveland and Tampa? 

Well, at Southern Miss and Oklahoma State, Monken's offense would occasionally go empty (shotgun with no running back in the backfield). However, in 2019, Cleveland didn't take a single snap in empty according to In 2018 in Tampa, they ran 11 plays (1%) in empty. So, the five wide, Big 12 air raid probably isn't what you're going to be seeing this fall from Georgia. 

What you will be seeing is what is known as the pro spread offense. An offense that combines tight ends, running backs and three wide receivers to throw the football. Their base personnel package will be 11 personnel, in other words, one back, one tight end, and three wide receivers. 

That's not to say they won't motion to an empty formation to lighten the box, especially with a running quarterback like Jamie Newman — assuming he's the starter — but it's still going to look more like a pro passing attack than some Texas Tech offense that's chunking it around 55 times per game. 

Matt Luke's Impact

Offensive linemen are getting lighter by the day at Georgia, and it's not just Jamaree Salyer. Solomon Kindley is one of the biggest success stories under Kirby Smart, but the days of a 340 pound, straight-line moving guard are likely over in Athens. Just look at the linemen they are recruiting in 2021: Micah Morris is a freakish athlete, especially considering he's told Dawgs Daily he's moving to guard. Dylan Fairchild is a two-time all-state wrestler and is just shy of 300 pounds and will be playing guard in college. Amarius Mims is the top target for Georgia and is a 6'7, 315 pounder that plays halfback in goal-line situations for Bleckley County High School. 

Not to mention, Luke is changing the run game up a bit as well. Under Sam Pitman, Georgia ran almost exclusive inside zone and split zone plays. Running plays that require big, powerful, mass movers at the point of attack. And though inside zone will still be present, Dawgs Daily can confirm that counter has been implemented into the run game install for 2020. 

So, sure they will still run at you and play power football, but there's also going to be a bit of pulling going on as well. Which explains the need for more slender and athletic offensive linemen. 

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