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Jordan Davis a Finalist for the Walter Camp Award

Georgia football's nose tackle, Jordan Davis, has put together quite the season thus far. As a result, he has been named as a finalist for multiple awards including most recently for the Walter Camp Award.

The Georgia Bulldogs defense has been the unit to watch this college football season. Putting up historical numbers, breaking records, and breaking the other team's will in the process. A big part of their success, literally and figuratively, has been their nose tackle Jordan Davis who was named as a finalist on Thursday for the Walter Camp award. 

The Walter Camp award is given to the national collegiate football player of the year. With Davis being maintaining one of the biggest roles on the number one defense in the country it goes without saying that you are a very talented football player. With 24 tackles, 3.5 tackles for loss, and 2 sacks on the season, Jordan Davis has continued to show that every single week. 

While Davis may not have the most eye-opening stat line compared to other big-name defensive players, he definitely shows on tape that he is the best and most dominant football player on the field each and every Saturday. Davis takes on countless double teams, plugs gaps in the running game, and most importantly opens up holes in the offensive line so his teammates can go and make the play. 

Due to the success, he has had on the field, Jordan Davis has also seen his name thrown into the Heisman Trophy conversation. In fact, he currently sits in first place amongst all potential Heisman candidates in the fan voting. While defensive players typically don't win the Heisman, it is still remarkable to watch a nose tackle and his fans put up a gallant effort to try and make it happen. 

He has become one of the most beloved players on the field and he is becoming one of the most nationally recognized players in all of college football. While Georgia still has some games to be played, it is a fact that the list of awards that Jordan Davis will be bringing home this offseason will be quite historical. When a player moves as well as he does despite being the biggest player on the field, people are going to take notice and the fans and media have both fallen in love with watching Davis wreak havoc on the field. 

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