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Kirby Smart Issues Bennett Vote of Confidence Following Loss

Post-game Kirby Smart issued his vote of confidence to starting quarterback Stetson Bennett following the loss to Alabama, for the second straight year.

As they start preparing for a run in the College Football Playoff,  the question is what happens next for this Georgia Football team. And as usual, that discussion is revolving around the quarterback position.  

Much of the talk in the lead-up to this year's SEC Championship, the question surrounding the game was how many points could Alabama score on Georgia's top-ranked defense. Instead, the question obviously should've been how many points Georgia could score on Alabama. 

In this era of College Football, the sport continues to change into more high-scoring, fast-paced offenses, winning games instead of the age-old saying "defense wins championships." 

That Georgia defense was allowing 6.9 points per game, it was behind historic what they'd done up until that point. Though when playing against the eventual Heisman trophy winner in Bryce Young, the offense had to answer, and they sputtered. They sputtered through most of the second quarter when Alabama was scoring in bunches, and they sputtered in the redzone. And a good portion of that performance offensively had to do with quarterback play. 

Stetson Bennett started hot as Georgia's starting quarterback, coming out of the gate with nine completions to nine different receivers. Bennett helped Georgia get off to a 10-0 lead before Alabama scored 24-points in the second quarter.

Ultimately the turning point was Alabama's incredible passing offense; Bryce Young's Heisman level performance against Georgia's defense proved yet again that elite offenses still beat elite defenses, as Alabama scored 34-points on the nation's top defense, not counting the pick-six.

With the defense struggling to maintain a consistent pass rush and a secondary holding onto dear life hoping to save on facing Alabama's explosive passing game, the two interceptions thrown by Bennett piled onto Georgia's problems executing the game plan.

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Putting those two turnovers aside along with the disappointing loss, Kirby Smart still opted to issue a verbal vote of confidence to his quarterback after issuing a non-verbal vote by keeping Bennett on the field in Atlanta even through the ups and downs of the performance.

We have a decision to make every week at every position, but I have the utmost confidence in Stetson Bennett.

Smart did add that he will re-evaluate the performance as always after watching the game tape, but as of right now it seems like Georgia still holds a lot of confidence in Stetson Bennett.

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