Lowered Expectations for G-Day?

Why G-Day may underwhelm for some Georgia fans.

G-Day 2021 is possibly one of the most anticipated spring games in recent memory for Georgia Football. And with the last year and a half in mind, it's not hard to understand why. 

Georgia rolls into the 2 pm Saturday scrimmage with great optimism for the season ahead. 

It's the second season for offensive coordinator Todd Monken, and UGA has one of the best quarterback rooms in the country. The room is complemented by great running backs, wide receivers, tight ends and an immensely talented offensive line room.

Georgia is expecting a lot from the offense this season, and perhaps for the first time since Kirby Smart took the reigns as head coach of the Bulldogs, the offense could steal the limelight this year.

Aside from the offense, the front seven of the defense looks nearly unblockable. The secondary is and will continue to be a work in progress. They have had several weeks of going against talented receivers such as Arian Smith, Kearis Jackson, Justin Robinson and Jermaine Burton before both of the latter went down with injuries that ended just their spring. This Saturday will be a great showcase for the defensive backs.

Or will it?

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Smart is still the head coach. And Georgia is facing Clemson to start the season. With that in mind, the question remains: just how much is Georgia, or rather Smart, willing to show off on G-day? 

Given Smart's history, the answer to that question likely isn't all that much. Georgia has been pretty pass-happy during its G-Days in the past. This one won't be too different in that regard, as the pass plays, route trees, alignment and personnel won't be that extravagant, but rather extremely vanilla. 

It would not be all that surprising to hear Georgia fans coming away a little disappointed from this G-Day for that very reason. Moreover, if the defense has a dominant day, the headlines likely will say that Georgia has not improved over the lackluster state it was last year. 

One other factor that could limit the high-flying offense for Georgia during the spring game is the weather. There's a chance of rain moving through during game time at Sanford Stadium.

Passing efficiency can be dampened rather quickly when the ball and the field get wet. With this in mind, the running backs may get a few more looks than they otherwise would. This may also favor freshman quarterback Brock Vandagriff, who is without a doubt the most mobile quarterback currently on the roster. He will make more plays with his legs than Carson Beck and JT Daniels. 

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