Who is the modern DLU? Georgia Football comes in third

Garrett Shearman

Every Power 5 school claims some sort of “Position U” title. Who is college football’s modern Defensive Line University? Using data from the past ten seasons and creating an achievement-based scoring system, Sports Illustrated’s Reid Foster has declared the Alabama Crimson Tide to be recent history’s DLU.

Rounding out the top three are Clemson in second and Georgia in third.

Foster further broke down the scoring into subcategories: interior linemen versus defensive ends, including edge rushers mislabeled as linebackers.

For the Bulldogs, defensive ends saved their ranking. Georgia is ranked second in producing high-quality edge rushers over the course of the past ten years. Brothers J.J. and T.J. Watt’s collegiate accomplishments earned Wisconsin the win in this category.

Aside from the points awarded to two-time All-Pro defensive tackle (and eight-time Pro Bowler) Geno Atkins, the majority of Georgia’s bronze medal is derived from defensive ends Justin Houston, Leonard Floyd, Jordan Jenkins, and Lorenzo Carter.

The Tide, with 22 qualifying alumni, ran away in the scoring table, amassing 85 points compared to Clemson’s 73 and Georgia’s 65. The Tigers have 21 players that meet Foster’s scoring criteria. The Bulldogs have 20.

The full list is as follows:

  1. Alabama, 85 points
  2. Clemson, 73
  3. Georgia, 65
  4. Ohio State, 62
  5. LSU, 51
  6. (tie). Florida, 49 / (tie). Wisconsin, 49
  7. USC, 44
  8. (tie). Mississippi State, 42 / (tie). Pittsburgh, 42

Interior D-Line U.: Alabama, 73 points; Clemson, 40 points; Pittsburgh, 34 points; Nebraska, 33points; Ohio State, 32 points.

Edge U.: Wisconsin, 46 points; Georgia, 37 points; Missouri, 34 points; Clemson, 33 points; Texas A&M, 32 points.

Full list of Georgia players: 

Geno Atkins (2010 fourth round, 134 starts, 2x All-Pro)
Justin Houston (2011 third round, 112 starts, All-Pro)
Leonard Floyd (2016 9th overall, 54 starts)
Jordan Jenkins (2016 third round, 50 starts)
Jarvis Jones (2013 first round, 35 starts)
John Jenkins (2013 third round, 28 starts)
Lorenzo Carter (2018 third round, 14 starts)
Abry Jones (2013 undrafted, 47 starts)
DeAngelo Tyson (2012 seventh round, 6 starts)
John Atkins (2018 undrafted, 6 starts)
Cornelius Washington (2013 sixth round, 4 starts)
Jonathan Ledbetter (2019 undrafted, 1 start)
Jeff Owens (2010 seventh round)
D'Andre Walker (2019 fifth round)
Kade Weston (2010 seventh round)
Demarcus Dobbs (2011 undrafted)
Kwame Geathers (2013 undrafted)
Toby Johnson (2015 undrafted)
Garrison Smith (2014 undrafted)
Kiante Tripp (2011 undrafted)

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