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Offensive Progress Report: SEC Championship

How did the Georgia offense grade out in the loss to Alabama?

For the first time this season, Georgia's defense, the number one defense in the country in the minds of many heading into the weekend, needed its offense to show up and help drag them out of the two-score deficit that Georgia's defense gave up in the second quarter. 

Quarterback: C-

The questions surrounding Georgia's quarterback position and the ability of the coaching staff to choose the best quarterback are now back under fire. Stetson Bennett threw two interceptions in the loss versus Alabama, both interceptions very similar to the ones he threw a year ago in Tuscaloosa. 

Although it was not all bad for Georgia, Bennett still threw for 348 yards and three touchdowns. The only problem is that Bennett was asked to throw 48 times, which is not a winning formula, especially with the skillset Bennett provides Georgia's offense. 

Bennett made some good plays, but the bad plays stood out more in the bad in the eyes of many as questions resurfaced as to whether or not he is the best quarterback on the roster. 

Running Backs: D

Saturday provided one of the worst rushing performances that Georgia's had in recent memory as the Bulldogs rushed for 109 yards on the ground, averaging 3.6 yards per carry. James Cook led Georgia in rushing with 38 yards on 11 carries. After finding his role in Georgia's offense over recent weeks. That role that he excelled at was not the play he was asked to play in Atlanta. Cook made just four catches for 28 yards, not factoring much into Georgia's offensive success.

Wide Receivers: C

It was not all bad for the Georgia offense as they did find ways to move the ball against a stingy Alabama defense that easily put up one of its best performances of the season. 

The young receiving core is much closer to being fully healthy than just two weeks ago. Brock Bowers was easily the most valuable player offensively, racking up 139 yards and a touchdown on ten receptions. Georgia targeted Bowers heavily late in the game as they were scrapping to get back into the game versus Alabama. Showing the weapon they have in the young freshman ti

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While Bowers showed he would be a force for years to come, there were some miscommunications between the receivers and Bennett as nothing stands out more than the incompletion to Adonai Mitchell. The latter got in the way of a potential pass to George Pickens. 

Offensive Line: D

Alongside the running backs, it was a poor game upfront from Georgia's offensive line. Offensive line coach Matt Luke is sure to be disappointed with his offensive line unit after struggling to keep a clean pocket for Stetson Bennett, something that Alabama did for Bryce Young all game, along with not finding much push in the run game.

The offensive line came into the game one of the top units in the country in terms of sacks allowed. That high ranking statistically in sacks allowed has them in contention to win the Joe Moore Award, annually given to the best offensive line in the country. However, the three-sack performance and stagnant run game surely knocks Georgia down a few notches.

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