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Is the SEC Creating a Super Conference?

Reports are surfacing that it might not be just Oklahoma and Texas joining the SEC, with several other powerhouse programs being linked to the conference.
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The college football world is riddled with conference realignment talk. With the College Football Playoff expansion taking place, combined with TV rights skyrocketing, programs all across the college football landscape are seemingly jumping ship and trying to hop into different conferences with larger dollar values. 

It's started with Texas and Oklahoma departing from the Big 12, a conference they've been a part of since the conference was created in 1996. They are expected to begin their transition into the Southeastern Conference in the coming weeks. And they might not be the only ones. 

Reports are surfacing that some of the nation's biggest football programs are also trying to join the SEC. 

Programs like Ohio State, Florida State, Michigan and Clemson have been in contact with the SEC, according to reports. 

Super conference. That's the term being thrown around with a total of 20 teams. This not only would change college football forever, but it would render the other conferences rather useless against the powers of the SEC. 

With the college football playoff expansion headed to 12 teams, it seems like a no-brainer for most of these potential members. However, there is a clause in the new playoff system that will have to be altered a bit if this were to take place. 

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Under the new system, a maximum of four teams are allowed from one conference, and if this super conference were to actually take place, all three of the four from last year's four-team playoff — Clemson, Ohio State, and Alabama — would have come from it. One could only imagine how many teams of the 20 would be worthy of qualifying for a 12-team playoff system. 

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