Georgia Football: Relive Saturday's Win over the Auburn Tigers

Brooks Austin

The Georgia faithful had three-quarters of bliss followed directly by one-quarter of sheer consternation as the Auburn Tigers scored two touchdowns in the fourth and threaten two more times within the last 5 minutes of the game. 

Georgia's defense was left out on the field for 86 plays in this contest, due mostly impart to UGA having four three and outs, including three consecutively in the midst of Auburn's attempted comeback. Jake Camarda punted eleven times yesterday for the Dawgs. 

In fact, apart from the 2-minute drive prior to the half and their final scoring drive to end the third, every single Georgia possession was four plays or fewer. That's usually a recipe for disaster against a high-tempo Auburn team. As we saw last night, if you give them enough chances, eventually they will get hot. 

Nonetheless, that makes it three consecutive wins over the Tigers for Coach Smart and the gang, and the SEC East division title for the third year as well. 

Relive yesterday's win with all the sites and sounds from The Deep South's Oldest Rivalry.


First Quarter: 

As Kirby Smart noted in his postgame presser, Blaylock made an incredible adjustment to that football. Fromm threw it slightly over Blaylock's right shoulder on the deep post route, and the freshman wideout simply drifted right under it. The 51-yard score was far and away the most explosive play for Georgia's offense all day. No other play gained more than 26-yards.

Second Quarter:

Jermaine Johnson creates his first turnover on the season as he rips the ball loose from Bo Nix, with Richard LeCounte recovering the fumble. Georgia was unable to capitalize on the game's lone turnover. 

Jake Fromm and the Georgia Bulldog offense have been extremely comfortable in no-huddle this season. That comfort was on display again Saturday as Fromm led the Dawgs on an 8-play, 81-yard drive in just 0:59 of game time. Brian Herrien finished off the drive...

Third Quarter: 

Prior to Georgia's 88-yard scoring drive with just 0:13 left in the third quarter, both teams began the second half with 4 punts and 37-yards of total offense. 

Of the 12 plays on the drive, Georgia ran the ball nine times. Which set up the play-action pass and third TD pass from Fromm as he connected with Eli Wolf for the score. 

Fourth Quarter:

As we mentioned to start, the fourth quarter is where things got a bit too nerve-racking for the Bulldog faithful. Here are Georgia's fourth-quarter stats on offense. 

  • Three consecutive 3 & outs
  • -3 total yards of offense. 
  • 3:15 T.O.P.
  • 12 offensive plays 

Auburn's fourth-quarter looked slightly different: 

  • Two Touchdowns
  • 158 total yards of offense
  • 11:45 T.O.P 
  • 31 offensive plays

However, the Bulldogs found a way to make two final stops in the fourth quarter to seal the win.