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Score Predictions: Kentucky vs Georgia

11 Vs 1, Match-up Against an Undefeated Kentucky Team. Here's How We Think the Game Will Go

Georgia comes home to Athens for a 3:30 PM matchup against No. 11 Kentucky, which is the site for this weekend’s ESPN College Gameday. 

Georgia comes into the game as a -21.5 point favorite.

Here's how the Dawgs Daily Staff think the game will go.

Brooks Austin: Georgia 38, Kentucky 10

Kentucky has an efficient offense, ranking 19th in the country in effective drive rate. They have an explosive offense, ranking 7th in the country in yards per play. They have an innovative offense, hiring Liam Cohen a former NFL assistant for three years under Sean McVay. But they have a volatile offense that is 115th in turnover drive rate. 

They average 2.5 turnovers per game in their first five-game of the season prior to a turnover-free performance a week ago. That doesn't happen Saturday. Georgia turns Kentucky over three times, and cruises. 

Harrison Reno: Georgia 31, Kentucky 3

The revamping of the Kentucky offense has certainly caught the eye of many in the leadup to this matchup of top-15 opponents. While Kentucky's offense is a stark contrast to what it was just a year ago, I believe that Georgia's is just too good for the Wildcats to drive up and down the field on. As a result, I have Georgia limiting the Wildcats to just three points en route to victory.

Robert Crosby: Georgia 31, Kentucky 10

Kentucky is off to its best start in years after adding a dynamic, NFL-style offense to a team that was once consistently average under Mark Stoops over the last few years. This should be the toughest test for the Dawgs, yet Georgia is favored by over three touchdowns. This matchup might not be as ugly as last year's 14-3 slugfest, but I expect both defenses to be a focal point for a large portion of this game.

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Andrew Carroll: Georgia 27, Kentucky 14

Kentucky has been a hard team for Georgia over the past two years. There was never any doubt which group was better in 2019 or 2020, but Kentucky could make both games look close well into the second half. There is a similar hype for them coming into Athens like there was against Arkansas a couple of weeks ago. But there are noticeable differences between the two teams. Arkansas favored misdirection heavily, which favored Georgia, but Kentucky is running a more pro-style offense than they have in years past. I don't expect them to be able to compete with Georgia, but I expect them to be able to move the ball some. Georgia does enough on offense to win, but I am not expecting a route like in weeks past.

Evan Crowell: Georgia 31, Kentucky 17

I expect this game to play out similarly to Georgia’s win over Auburn in week five. Quarterback Stetson Bennett IV is set to make his third consecutive start, and the offense will likely establish the running game on the first few series before scheming up some pass plays downfield. Kentucky’s offense is impressive and should be able to move the ball, but Georgia’s defense is playing lights out at the moment. Players are consistently playing gap-sound defense and the front-seven is overwhelming opposing offenses.

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