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Three Alabama Players to Watch on Saturday

Both Georgia and Alabama are loaded with talent on both sides of the ball, but who is it for the Crimson Tide that Georgia needs to keep an eye on?

The Alabama Crimson Tide is historically known for having a roster loaded with talent across the board, and this year is no different. In order for Georgia to take home the SEC Championship trophy on Saturday, there are a few players that they will need to keep an eye on for all four quarters.

Jameson Williams, WR

When it comes to the wide receiver position, Alabama has been one of, if not, the best colleges at developing talent at the position into NFL-caliber players. Just last year they saw DVenota Smith take home the Heisman trophy after one of the greatest seasons anyone has ever seen from a wide receiver. This year, Alabama's go-to guy has been the junior transfer from Ohio State. 

In 12 games this year, Williams has hauled in 61 receptions for 1,261 yards and 13 touchdowns. He also leads the team in average yards per reception with 20.7, and he leads in that stat by a good margin. When Alabama is in need of a big play, more times than not they are going to be looking No. 1's way. If Georgia wants to slow down the Tide's passing attack it is going to have to start with minimizing the number of touches that Williams gets. 

Will Anderson Jr., LB

Anderson this season has been the heart and soul of the Alabama defense. The sophomore linebacker out of Hampton, Georgia has continued to be a major issue for any opposing offense. With 25.5 tackles for loss and 13 sacks on the season, Georgia is going to have its hands full with trying to keep him out of the backfield. 

While Alabama may not be playing up the typical standard when it comes to defense it is in no way shape or form because Anderson hasn't been doing his part. He leads in the SEC in sacks and is a bonafide playmaker that Georgia will need to maintain in order to have success on offense. Keeping him out of the game for four quarters is an unrealistic expectation, but the Bulldogs will have to know where No. 31 is at on the field at all times. 


Bryce Young, QB

To no surprise, Alabama's quarterback is a player that Georgia will need to maintain if they want to take down the Crimson Tide. He is the current favorite to win the Heisman and for good reason. Young this season has thrown for 3,901 yards, 40 touchdowns, and a 69 percent completion rate. He also does an exceptional job at protecting the football as he has only thrown four interceptions this year. 

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In order to slow down a player like Bryce Young, Georgia is going to have to apply consistent pressure on his dropbacks and force him to feel uncomfortable in the pocket. This season has shown that if you let Young stand in the pocket and progress through his reads he will tear your defense apart. Slowing down a Heisman candidate is easier said than done, but Georgia is going to have to put together something on defense to prevent Young from making the big plays he has grown accustomed to making all season. 

Just like any other matchup against Alabama, the Bulldogs are going to get all they could ask for. If they want to play a part in ending Bama's playoff hopes it is going to have to start with minimizing the plays that the three names listed above make on Saturday. If they do that, then Georgia will be in good shape to secure a victory in the SEC Championship game. 

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