Tre' McKitty Film Room, What the Transfer Brings to Georgia

Brooks Austin

Tre' McKitty is the latest transfer to join the Georgia Bulldogs roster. The former 3-star tight end has spent the last three seasons at Florida State, accumulating 50 receptions for 520 yards. 

With Eli Wolf and Charlier Woerner now having departed, it was necessary for Smart and his staff to go out and find a veteran presence to pair with an otherwise young group of targets. 

McKitty spent his freshman year at FSU playing a physical brand of football on the Seminoles special teams units and earned his first career reception in their final home game against Louisiana-Monroe. 

As a sophomore, McKitty quickly became one of the more called upon football players on the roster. He played in all 12 games and finished 4th in the ACC in receptions by a tight end. By this point, FSU was asking McKitty to play quite literally everywhere on the field. 

As you will see in the film breakdown below, McKitty played the traditional "end of the line" tight end, he played in the slot, he was even asked to play as the outside receiver in formations. This goes to show the type of faith the offensive staff at FSU had in his ability to create space against even corners. 

He followed up a solid sophomore campaign with a similar Junior season, and perhaps this is where frustration in lack of growth in his usage might have settled in I would imagine. I haven't spoken to Tre' - nor is this factual but rather my opinion after studying his film -  when you watch Florida State the past few seasons there are two players that stand out. 

Cam Akers the running back and #6 Tre' McKitty, two weapons with the ball in their hands and two guys that should have been the primary features in the offense. There are critical downs in football games where Tre' would be called upon. Numerous 3rd & mediums where he's the primary focal point of the designed action. Then, there are games where he has a single target. 

So, he will be getting his degree soon from the University and after three seasons will transfer for his final year at Georgia. Where he will likely be involved in one of the more explosive 1,2 punches at the Tight End position that Georgia has ever seen. 

Darnell Washington and McKitty are special after the catch, but what Tre' also brings to Athens is a guy who's played in 35 collegiate football games and knows how to work. He's shown an ability to learn an offensive playbook better than most and the proof is shown in him playing all over the field at FSU. 

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