New Uniforms Could Not Have Come at a Better Time For Georgia

Brooks Austin

Georgia's social media accounts set the internet ablaze yesterday when they released their new uniform combinations for the 2020 football season. Two new alternate uniforms, one a tribute to the 40-year anniversary of the 1980 national championship team and one a remake of the fan-favorite black jerseys, arrived on scene to massive amounts of applause from not only fans but current and former players. 

And the new uniforms could not have come at a better time for the University of Georgia, here's why. 

Projected $55M Deficit 

Just one week ago, Georgia's athletic director, Greg McGarity revealed in a board meeting that the University of Georgia is expecting a $55M deficit in the upcoming fiscal year due to the impacts made by COVID-19 on the upcoming athletic calendar. With Georgia only allowing 20%-25% of its normal attendance, many season ticket holders were only offered tickets to one home game for the 2020 season. UGA did offer season ticket holders a refund of their donation if they did not want to opt for their tickets, directly causing the budget shortfall.

How do you help make up for such a deficit? Well, jersey and apparel sales just went through the roof. The new 40-year anniversary jersey is selling for $134.99 on Georgia's apparel site. 

Surely the jersey sales alone won't make up the projected deficit, but they definitely don't hurt. In 2007, Georgia debuted the black jerseys against Auburn, and the following year they saw nearly an 18% increase in advertising and licensing revenue. 

Recruiting Restrictions

On Wednesday, the NCAA extended the recruiting dead period through January 1st of 2021. Thursday, the University of Georgia had every recruit's attention with their new jerseys. Coincidence? Well, yes. But nonetheless, it has a direct impact on top prospects that Georgia is currently after. This is a never before seen period of recruiting where any and every positive impression you can make on a prospect needs to be made. 

Whether it's an edit you send to a prospect promoting their Instagram page, or releasing a new set of uniforms, these impressionable young men are paying attention. Don't believe me? We reached out to nearly 20 prospects yesterday, all of them were drooling over the new uniforms. That's a win for Georgia. That's a win for Kirby Smart. 

Now, according to our sources, these jerseys were planned a while ago. From our understanding, there were plans for these uniforms even before the pandemic, far before this type of deficit or impact on recruiting could have ever been predicted. So, call it fortunate timing for Georgia, or whatever you want. Thursday was a win for the Georgia football program. 

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Kyle Funderburk
Kyle Funderburk

It will be interesting to see how the new uniforms affect Georgia's projected revenue