2023 WR, Cayden Lee Talks Recent offer from Georgia Football

Brooks Austin

Back in February, we told you to remember the name Cayden Lee, that he was one of the next up and coming studs in the state of Georgia. Well, what do you know? The Georgia football coaching staff has confirmed our thoughts on the 2023 WR prospect, as they offered Lee on Thursday. 

Just a rising sophomore, Georgia joins Duke, Auburn, and Tennessee in the list of offerings. As for what it meant to hear from UGA, Lee says he's blessed: 

"See, that was really amazing for me because like that's, that's a big school. I mean, the rest of them were big schools too, but like, that's my home state school. So I'm not gonna lie. I thought that I was gonna get it later. But it came earlier than I expected. And I'm truly blessed for that."

Georgia has handed out a mere 22 scholarship offers in the 2023 class so far. It's extremely early in the process but they are getting in on the ground floor with some of the nation's next top players. Lee accredits a lot of his early success to his trainer, Terrence Edwards. 

Edwards has trained some of the top talents in Georgia over the last several years. Whether it's Jermaine Burton, Justin Robinson, or even Ladd McConkey stopping by. If there is a top wideout in Georgia odds are Edwards is coaching him up. 

"It means a lot because he's been with me since day one. Since the very first training session, he told me that I was going to do big things and just to see everything starting to fall into place. It's really amazing. And also just to be able to work with Jemaine at terraces. It's great. Jermaine has taught me a lot too. So that's awesome."

As for the Georgia coaching staff, Lee speaks of Kirby and Co. along the same lines as many other top recruits that we've spoken to. It's not always just about football, they want to know how your life is going: 

"So coach Hampton is a really cool coach like he's really down to earth, and we'll tell you what you need to do. Um, he's more of an outside of football coach to check on you are. Every now and then he'll see how your life's going to see how your day is gone. Things like that. And Kirby, he's a really good coach. Also, I had the chance to meet him one time and he was a really cool coach."

He continued: 

"It is because I feel like it's more than football over there. I feel like they want to just encourage you, like to see how your family is going and things like that. And that's big for me."

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