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Georgia Big Board: 2023 Class Loaded with EDGE Rushers

Lead Editor of Dawgs Daily and resonate Film Guy, Brooks Austin has evaluated the class of 2023 EDGE rushers. Here's a look at what Georgia needs to do to land the nation's best.

Sending 15 players off to the NFL is a tremendous, record-breaking accomplishment. Though it goes without saying that that kind of immediate and sudden depletion of talent on any football roster would leave a program with some holes to be filled. 

That is the way of life in college football, especially at places like the University of Georgia under Kirby Smart. So, as Smart and Co. begin to establish what the class of 2023 will look like, we will evaluate it as well, bringing you our big board here on Dawgs Daily. 

Starting with the EDGE defenders. It's an extremely deep class in 2023, highlighted by a few day-one contributors for even a program like Georgia. 

*Editors Note: This board is both a combination of information provided via sources and my own evaluation of the players themselves.*



  • Frame - How ready and projectible is your physical frame for the EDGE position. 
  • Burst - What does your "get off" look like? How fast is that first step as a rusher. 
  • Bend - Do you have the flexibility to bend at the hips, knee, and ankles. 
  • Athleticism 
  • Hands - How ready are your hand fighting skills as a pass rusher/run defender. Can you shed blocks. 
  • Readiness - Are you prepared to step into college football and go now. 
  • Ceiling - It's counted twice in the EDGE score because it matters most. How great could you potentially one day be? 

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1. Damon Wilson (4.62) 

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  • Frame (4.8) - He's 6'5, 235 pounds as is, with extremely long arms. 
  • Burst (5.0) - Without a doubt, the best get-off in the class. 
  • Bend (4.3) - He plays low enough at this stage, profile projects to bend. 
  • Hands (4.5) - He displays a consistent willingness to use a variety of moves. 
  • Readiness (4.5) - All that is left is to get him prepared to hold up for 14/15 games. 
  • Ceiling (4.95) X2 

2. Samuel M'Pemba (4.50) 

  • Frame (4.5) - He's 6'4, 240 pounds. Plenty big and strong as is. 
  • Burst (4.0) - He wins with great pace, plays with twitch and speed when needed. 
  • Bend (5.0) - Plays in a parallel at times. Tremendously flexible. 
  • Hands (4.5) - He's taught himself how to be a clean hand fighter in one offseason. It's rather remarkable. 
  • Readiness (4.5) - Plug and Play. Perhaps a bit more polish in the run game. 
  • Ceiling (4.5) X2 
  • 3. Keon Keeley (4.45) 
  • 4. Da'Shawn Womack (4.18) 
  • 5. Adepoju Adebawore (4.01) 
  • 6. Nyckiles Harbor (3.95) 
  • 7. Neeo Avery (3.92) 
  • 8. Bai Jobe (3.83) 
  • 9. Jaquavious Russaw (3.81) 
  • 10. Jayden Wayne (3.78) 
  • 11. Gabriel Harris (3.61) 

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