SOURCE: Georgia Using Innovation to Help Evaluate Talent

Ever since the NCAA lifted the recruiting dead period and finally allowed student-athletes to return to college campuses for visits, it has been a busy two weeks for the Dawgs.

Since the June 1 lifting of the NCAA recruiting dead period that lasted for over a year, college campuses across the country have been hosting hundreds of visits with some of the nation's top prospects. 

Not only is this the first time for many college coaches to see these players first-hand, up and close and personal, it also allows them to show off their college campuses and all that comes with being at that specific school. Georgia is no different from the rest of the country. In fact, Georgia has been quite publicly showing off the new $80 million football facility that recently opened only days before visits began. 

While the new facility won't be fully completed until January, 2022, in its current state it has received great reviews from current players and recruits alike. 

Aside from showing recruits and their families around campus, this is a time for the staff to work out these players at their camps. With hundreds of recruits on campus throughout the week, the coaching staff can see if what they've seen on tape over the last year holds true when they get on the field. 

According to a source, one of the ways Georgia is evaluating these prospects is through technology:

"One of the innovative things that Georgia is doing this summer, and they aren’t the first to do it, is placing these catapult GPS trackers on the athletes that come through the camps."

This innovative technology has been heavily used over the last five years as the importance of the science and analytics of the game has risen throughout the ranks of college football, whether it's medically or physically, like tracking a player's top speed throughout practice or a conditioning session. 

These GPS trackers allow the staff to gain more information and insight into how athletes perform on the field. Being able to match a recruit's top speed on the field during one of their camps and then being able to compare it to their 40-yard dash time is becoming a key insight into the true speeds of the athletes. 

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