Georgia Tech starting lineup:

Luke Waddell ss

Michael Guldberg lf

Colin Hall cf

Drew Compton 1b

Baron Radcliff rf

Stephen Reid dh

Jackson Webb 3b

Jadyn Jackson 2b

Cameron Turley c

Jackson Finley p

After falling in the weekend series against the Georgia Bulldogs 0-3 and dropping out of the Top 25 rankings this week, Georgia Tech (7-4) is looking for a bounce back against Tennessee Tech (3-7). The Golden Eagles are also coming off a disappointing weekend after being swept by Bradley University. 

This is the first time the two teams have played since a three-game series in 2002. 


Roberts ground out to third

Carrera struck out swinging

Hinchman struck out swinging

TTU 0, GT 0


Waddell draws the leadoff walk

Guldberg bunts to the mound for the single. Waddell to second

Hall flies out to center field. Waddell slides to third. 

Guldberg steals second 

Compton strikes out looking on the breaking ball. 

Radcliff takes the intentional walk. Bases loaded

Reid down on strikes, swings and misses. Leaves bases loaded. 

TTU 0, GT 0


Johns struck out looking

Long with the solo homer to center field. Golden Eagles get the first run of the game. 

Schad struck out looking

Bryant IV hit in the back by the pitch. Takes first. 

McMeans grounds out to shortstop

TTU 1, GT 0


Christian Herberholz takes the mound

Webb doubles down to right field

Jackson struck out looking

Turley grabs ball four but Webb is caught stealing. Leaving only one runner on base

Waddell gets his first home run (2 run-HR) of the season putting Georgia Tech on top. Homers over the fence of right center

Guldberg ripped a double to the left for the base hit. 

Hall flies out to left field

TTU 1, GT 2


Brooks hit by pitch

Roberts ground reaches on a fielder's choice. Brooks out at second (4-6)

Carrera singles to right field. Roberts to second. 

Hinchman flies out to right field. Roberts on third.

Johns struck out swinging. Leaving runners on corners. 

TTU 1, GT 2


Daniel Holley replaces Herberholz on the mound

Compton flies out to right

Radcliff struck out swinging

Reid singles to center field

Webb struck out swinging 

TTU 1, GT 2


Finley is done for the night. Siegel will take the mound. 

Long struck out swinging

Schad struck out swinging 

Bryant IV walked

Bryant IV moves to second on an E-1

McMeans grounds to short

TTU 1, GT 2


Grant Phillips replaces Holley

Carrera makes the diving catch to rob Jackson of a hit

Turley flies out to left field

Waddell lined out to left field

TTU 1, GT 2


Brooks walked

Roberts flies out to center field

Carrera walked

Danny Hall makes the pitching change. 

Chapman in at the mound

Hinchman struck out swinging

Johns flies out to right field

TTU 1, GT 2


Parham replaces Phillips on the mound

Guldberg struck out swinging

Hall walked

Compton grounds out to first but Hall gets to second

Radcliff draws his second intentional walk of the night

Reid reaches on a fielder's choice. Radcliff moves to second. Hall out at third, unassisted

Jackets are 0-6 with runners in scoring position

TTU 1, GT 2


Long struck out swinging

Schad struck out looking

Bryant IV homers over the wall in left field. Ties the game at 2. 

McMeans reaches to second on a throwing error (E-1)

Brooks struck out swinging

TTU 2, GT 2


Wright on the mound replacing Parham

Webb draws the four-pitch walk

Webb takes off at second on the wild pitch 

Jackson walked

Turley bunts to the mound and makes it to first, Wright trips and falls. Runners advance to second and third.  

Waddell reaches on a fielder's choice. Turley advances to second on the E-4. Jackson to third. Webb crosses home. 

Guldberg gets the bases loaded walk. Jackson reaches home. 

Fisher replaces Wright on the mound

Hall reaches on a fielder's choice. Turley is out at home 3-2

Compton triples to left center after a collision by Brooks and Carrera. Hall score, unearned. Guldberg and Waddell score.  

Radcliff walked. Runners on corners.

Reid singles up the middle bringing Compton home. RBI

Webb reaches on a fielder's choice. Reid out at second. Radcliff to third.

Jackson with the RBI single, scoring Radcliff

Turley gets the 2 run RBI single, Jackson and Webb score, unearned

Waddell reaches on a fielder's choice, Turley out at second

TTU 2, GT 11


Crawford replaces Chapman on the mound

Roberts grounds to short

Manaska PH

Manaska struck out looking 

Hinchman singles to centerfield

Johns singles to left field

Long grounds out to third

TTU 2, GT 11


Washington takes the mound replacing Fisher

Gonzalez walked

Hall struck out looking

Compton struck out looking

Radcliff struck out swinging

TTU 2, GT 11


Wilhite to pitch for Crawford

Schad struck out swinging

Bryant IV foul out to right

Dyer walked

Brooks singles to third with the swinging bunt. Dyer to second

Roberts struck out swinging

TTU 2, GT 11


Rigby walked

Benson fly out to center

Giesler struck out looking

Taylor walked. Runner on first and second. 

Waddell hit by pitch. Bases loaded. 

Gonzalez reaches on the fielder's choice. Waddell out at second. 

TTU 2, GT 11


Brace pitching for Wilhite

Manaska singles to third

Hinchman grounds into the 6-4-3 double play 

Jones struck out swinging

Final: TTU 2, GT 11

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