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2025 Three Star Edge Rusher Dylon Worthen Dives Into Connection With Georgia Tech

Worthen would be a great addition to the Yellow Jackets and is a talented edge rusher for 2025

Dylon Worthen plays for IMG Academy, a national powerhouse in Florida and he is considering the Yellow Jackets. IMG is coming off an undefeated season and plays some of the top teams in the country. They do things differently than the rest.

“The experience and the coaching staff stands out. Having all of that experience on the staff as well as on the team, I feel like it makes you better. The players as well. Bringing all of the top talent here and having all of us at one spot competing against each other every day, makes us the better team. It will help you become a better player,” said Worthen.

“The facilities are second to none. We have top-tier weight rooms. We have an indoor facility that we call the bubble. The campus is huge. We have four sets of dorms now. At first, we had three. The campus and student population are getting bigger. We have added to the cafe as well. We have like four or five restaurants in there, and we have a lounge area for the kids to go and relax,” said Worthen.

Worthen just picked up an offer from Georgia Southern recently and talked about the schools contacting him the most during the process.

Photo Courtesy of: Jordan Scruggs, 247Sports

Photo Courtesy of: Jordan Scruggs, 247Sports

“Georgia Tech, UCF here and there, as well as Louisville. It has been pretty good talking to all of those schools. Building a relationship with them and whatnot because you know going into my senior year, they are still checking me out. I would probably say those three,” said Worthen.

Georgia Tech is one to watch for Worthen because he is originally from Dodge County and his big brother RB Daylon Gordon plays for the Yellow Jackets. He dives into their special connection.

“My oldest brother drew me to football. He always played. He was a big mentor to me. I always looked up to him and he eventually got me into football. He’s the one who plays running back at Georgia Tech. It means a lot coming from Georgia. It means a lot to go to Georgia Tech to see him play. Seeing his number on the field and him running around just means a lot,” said Worthen.

“Yes, he is recruiting me hard. He wants me to go up there and wants me to be a Tech man. He is a promoter for Georgia Tech for sure. Obviously, you have to weigh your options in this recruiting business. You want to see what is the best fit. I am not saying Georgia Tech is not the best fit, but I’m saying to weigh out the options,” said Worthen.

He likes the relationship he is building with outside linebackers/rush coach Kyle Pope, who is new on the staff.

“Coach Pope is the edge coach there. I’ve been building a relationship with him and getting to know him well because you know he is a new hire. Building that connection with him, and being able to talk to him on a day-to-day basis,” said Worthen. “My brother being there plays a big part in it as well, and them having a great season this past season. You know playing a bowl game and actually winning it. That plays a big part. Obviously, UCF played Georgia Tech in that bowl game.”

Worthen was on campus last season for Georgia Tech’s bowl-clinching win against Syracuse at home and describes what the atmosphere was like.

“Georgia Tech game day was a very good experience. They won that game. I feel like they dominated. They had some flaws they had to fix, but they came out in the second half and fixed them. It was a pretty good game. The atmosphere was live and I loved it. The student section is probably one of their biggest things. It was live as well. It was a good experience at the game,” said Worthen.

Worthen also likes all the new progress being made at Georgia Tech including the new facilities that are on the horizon.

“It’s very appealing. At first, they had the old dorms and whatnot. Now, they are building new dorms, facilities, a new weight room, and adding on to the stadium,” said Worthen. “It just means a lot more. It means they are bringing in more recruits because of the attraction. It’s still about the coaches and building the relationship and seeing if the school is a fit for the athlete. There is more to it. It’s definitely an add-on.”

Worthen is a sought-after prospect and for good reason. He can dominate and take over a game. One of the best parts about his game is his get-off. Worthen’s first step as soon as the ball snaps is a sight to see. He lives in opponents' backfields.

“My get off when I pass rush, I feel like I stand out the most. I am a very fast and physical guy. I’d probably say my get-off and speed.”

He also has great hustle. When you roll his tape, you can see Worthen making plays coming from the other side of the running-down playmakers from the other team. His motor is unmatched and he thrives on making a big impact for his team. He possesses great size at 6'2" and 235 pounds. Worthen is also a gym rat who loves to hit everything in the weight room.

“Whether it’s core, legs, chest, back, traps, triceps, biceps, it doesn’t matter, I’m hitting everything. Just getting better on the field. Better flexibility so I can bend the edge even better and get to the quarterback quicker. Also, I want better stats this year,” said Worthen. “Last year’s stats were great, but I want to up those stats even more. I want to have better teammate chemistry this year even though it was good last year. The standards just go higher each year based on the previous year. Off the field, I want to finish off the year with a 4.0. Just stay strong in the books, and keep a good life outside of school and football.”

Worthen would be a great addition to the Yellow Jackets and a valuable player on the defensive side of the ball. He has all the tools to be disruptive and make a strong impact at the next level. 

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