How Will Georgia Tech TE Tyler Davis Fit In With the Jacksonville Jaguars?

Ashley Barnett

Former Georgia Tech tight end Tyler Davis had his NFL journey begin on Saturday, when the Jacksonville Jaguars selected him in the sixth round (no 206 overall) of the draft. 

Davis impressed NFL scouts - including the Jaguars - during his pro day at Tech. Coming to Georgia Tech as a UConn grad transfer, Davis had 17 receptions for 148 yards and a touchdown in his lone season with the Yellow Jackets. He was an all-around tight end in run-blocking and pass protection.

What will Jacksonville need from Davis? All Yellow Jackets asked John Shipley (@_John_Shipley on twitter) of SI's JaguarReport about the recent pick and how Davis will fit into the Jaguars' offense. 

Q. Who's projected to be the 1 and 2 tight ends for the Jaguars? How solid is the projected depth chart at that position? Could it change? 

Shipley: As of right now, Tyler Eifert and Josh Oliver are locks to be the top two tight ends on the team's roster. Behind them, it's a bit more murky. James O'Shaughnessy led all of the team's tight ends in all stats in 2019, but he sustained a torn ACL in Week 5 last season that could hamper him at the start of the year. Behind him is Davis and Charles Jones, a second-year UDFA who caught one pass last season. Davis could be the No. 3 tight end early on if he can beat out Jones, who Jaguars simply didn't use much last season. Things will be complicated whenever O'Shaughnessy does return to the field, but the order looks set now. 

Q. What will the Jaguars be looking for in a future tight end? What are they missing now in a tight end?

Shipley: Right now, the Jaguars need more of a run blocking tight end. Oliver is a super athletic receiver while Eifert has never been known as an upper echelon run defender. If Davis is going to find the field early in his career, it would likely be as a blocker. So he'll need to impress in that regard. 

Q. What does Davis need to bring to earn a role on the offense? 

Shipley: Aside from being a good run blocker, Davis will need to show that the offense isn't too big for him. Jay Gruden often used between three and four tight ends in his offense during his time in Washington, but this means each tight end needs to know several roles and have the playbook down pat. For Davis to play early on, he'll need to prove to Gruden that he can handle all of the tasks that come with playing in his offense. 

Q. What do you think the Jaguars saw in Davis that they liked?

Shipley: I think the Jags liked his athletic background since he's a former quarterback. They have a lot of members on their roster who used to play the position, and Davis is just the latest addition. Aside from that, I think it was his character and leadership skills that won Jacksonville over. Head coach Doug Marrone even mentioned that a number of coaches he talked to gave him good reviews on the kind of person and player Davis is. 

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