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HBCUs Dominate FCS Football Attendance

HBCU football programs are once again the "Kings of FCS Football Attendance."
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Jackson State is FCS football's perennial leader in fan attendance. In 2023, "The Prime Effect" hurt Jackson State's attendance. Deion Sanders' departure caused the Tigers to dip from averaging 42K in attendance to slightly over 30K per game. Still, The Vet had the highest average in the nation.  

Five HBCU football programs ranked in the Top Ten of FCS fan attendance in 2023.

Here are the Top-Five HBCU program's average attendance:

1. Jackson State - 30,060

6. Florida A&M - 17,616

7. Southern University - 17,465

8. Alabama State - 17,385

9. Norfolk State - 15,656

Alabama A&M (12.9K), Alcorn State (12K), South Carolina State (10.6K), and North Carolina A&T (9.6K) were averaging in the top thirty in attendance for the 2023 football season.