Here's What Archie Miller Said on Tuesday in Preparing for Rutgers

Archie Miller had his weekly session with the media on Tuesday, answering four questions in a nine-minute interview, with he breaking news being that Joey Brunk and Parker Stewart will not play during the remainder of the season.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Indiana basketball coach Archie Miller met with the media on Tuesday via a Zoom conference call. He spoke for nine minutes, making an opening statement and then answering questions from four media members who were selected prior to the call.

There were 23 media members on the call.

Miller discussed the challenges that Rutgers brings to the table and how difficult it is to attack their defense. He also said Joey Brunk and transfer Parker Stewart will not play this season, and talked about Armaan Franklin's improvement. The final question was on Jordan Geronimo, who did not play in the loss to Michigan State on Saturday. Miller said he is healthy, and expects him to play more going forward. 

The full video is attached. Here are the highlights of his comments, and the time marks for the topics discussed:

Archie Miller opening statement

(Time mark 0:00) – "Rutgers is a very tough-minded group. In playing them the first time, we didn't play well on either end of the floor. We got hit really hard in transition, and got beat way too many times.

"We had double-figure turnovers in the second half, which gave them a comfortable cushion to play with.

– on Rutgers' physicality 

(Time mark 1:21) – "I think the big this awareness, and being much more prepared for it. The physicality of their guards, to be able to disrupt and blow through screens is a problem.

"Myles Johnson, to me, is the best defender in the Big Ten and should be the Big Ten player of the year. In and around the basket, it was difficult to score. We have to finish better around the basket.

“The biggest thing in this game is going to be our guard play. There’s no question about it,” Miller said, “the physicality of their guards and their ability to disrupt, their ability to stay in front, their ability to blow through screens, was a big problem.” 

“We had double-figure turnovers in the second half, which really gave them a comfortable cushion,” Miller said. “We’re going to have to play with 10 or less turnovers to have a chance.

“Turnovers is the name of the game.”

– on Joey Brunk and Parker Stewart

(Time mark 3:31) – "Neither guy is available. We're down to 10 days left in the regular season. Joey is just now starting to get more active, maybe start to move from physicial therapy stuff. He's yet to do anything with a basketball yet. 

"Parker is yet to be fully engaged in practice. He's still dealing with a lot of different stuff in terms of getting acclimated here and getting in the groove of things.

"He does participate pract. Neither guy will be available. 

– On Armaan Franklin

(Time mark 5:02) – "He has come a long way physically. He's a much stronger player, and has physically matured, which is good, but he still has another jump that he will make physically. I thought this year as the season progressed, he's a guy who can get downhiill and make plays for us in the paint and get creative for us in tough times..

"His shooting percentage is greatly improved. As a freshman, he struggled mightily to hit the three, but is three-point percentage is much better and he's made big shots for us. He's now a double-figure scorer and finishing strong is important to him as he continues to evolve.

"Defensively, for a good portion of the season, he was doing it on both ends for us for a long time. The ankle injury against Maryland really sent him back. He's dealt with the injury the best he can. He's a two-way player, he's really developed and he's one of the most improved players in the Big Ten this year.''

– On Jordan Geromino

(Time mark 7:45:) – "There's nothing wrong with Jordan physically here in this last week, he just hasn't gotten the opportunities he got earlier. It's something we're looking forward to down the stretch, getting him more involved. 

As we head in here into Rutgers and the back end in general, I think Jordan will re-emerge for us.''

VIDEO: Archie Miller prior to Rutgers game

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