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Here's What Trayce Jackson-Davis Said After Indiana's First Home Loss of the Season Versus Michigan

Michigan ended Indiana's perfect home game winning streak dominating the Hoosiers 80-62. Here's what forward Trayce Jackson-Davis had to say following the loss. Read the transcript, or just watch the attached video of the entire press conference.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — The Michigan Wolverines came to Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall and dominated finishing off the Hoosiers' 80-62 and ending their perfect home game record in the process.

Junior forward Trayce Jackson-Davis led the Hoosiers with 17 points and eight rebounds. Here's what he said following the loss. Read the transcript below, or just watch the attached video.

Q. On not finishing shots...

JACKSON-DAVIS: Yeah, I think we had a few runs in the game, but every time we got close, they would pull away. Defensively I think it was more of our defense that we gave up 80 points at home. That's something that can't happen. We've just got to go back to work honestly tomorrow and get ready for Penn State, which is our next game.

Q. On Indiana's defense...

JACKSON-DAVIS: Yeah, so defensively when we were doubling him (Hunter Dickinson), we were supposed to wait on his crab when he started to dribble the ball and we weren't doing that. 

He was holding the ball, so it was easy for him to look over and watch and see who's coming instead of when he was posting up and trying to dribble. That's on us, and we made that mistake, and he made us pay for it.

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Q. On what happened at the start of both halves...

JACKSON-DAVIS: It's honestly on us. That falls on us. It's our home court, and the starting five, we need to regroup, and we need to figure that out because it's unacceptable honestly to come out with no emotion and no drive, and like when we were at the Purdue game, that second unit really helped us and got us going with Trey and all of them blowing up ball screens and stuff like that on defense. Our starting five is our starting five for a reason, so we've got to figure that out.

Q. On the issues with some rotations…

JACKSON-DAVIS: Yeah, so obviously with Hunter shooting the ball like that and then our guards getting drilled on screens, we were supposed to switch or veer if they died on the ball screen, so basically, I take the guy and then our guard stays up, but they kept thinking that he was rolling but he was popping, so he was getting right open shots at the top of the key. 

That's just something we're going to have to watch on film and then go back over. Then obviously in the double-team, like I explained how he was crabbing, he didn't crab, so he was just turning and looking and seeing the whole floor, and he's watching that double come, so he's just passing to the guy that's doubling.

Q. On Michigan’s 3-point shooting…

JACKSON-DAVIS: I think it's a little bit of both. Obviously, they came in here clawing, scratching for a win, and they needed this one bad. They honestly played harder than us, and we didn't defend the line well at all, and that's something that we usually hang our hats on. It's something that we're going to have to watch on film and obviously get better at it for Penn State.

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