Breaking News: How to Bet Big Ten Football Games for Week 2 on Saturday

There's been a lot of moving on the point spreads in Week 2, and the latest news that Illinois quarterback Brandon Peters now has COVID-19 has altered that line on Saturay morning as well.
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In a stunning announcement just an hour before kickoff, Illinois announced that veteran starting quarterback Brandon Peters will miss Saturday’s game against Purdue after contracting COVID-19.

Illinois had a second positive test as well to redshirt freshman tight end Griffin Moore, but the game will go on as planned. Kickoff is at Noon ET. Illinois officials listed 14 players as out for the game because of contact tracing protocol. .

The situation at Illinois comes on the heels of an outbreat at Wisconsin that forced the Badgers to cancel their game with Nebraska this week. They have had more than a dozen cases.

Michigan State at Michigan

  • TV: FOX
  • RECORDS: Michigan State (0-1); Michigan (1-0)
  • LAST WEEK: Michigan State lost to Rutgers 38-27; Michigan beat Minnesota 49-24
  • OPENING LINE: Michigan favored by 25.5 points
  • SATURDAY LINE: Michigan favored by 22
  • THE SKINNY: This line has wavered between 22-26 points all week long, but has dropped in the past day as money has rolled in on Michigan State. Part of that might be coming from seeing teams bounce back to a first-week loss, like Maryland and Fresno State. Michigan bettors would love to see it drop another point, but don't count on hit. Hitting 22 is a big threshold, too. Updated 11;01 a.m.

Purdue at Illinois

  • TV: Big Ten Network
  • RECORDS: Purdue (1-0); Illinois (0-1)
  • LAST WEEK: Purdue beat Iowa 24-20; Illinois lost to Wisconsin 45-7
  • OPENING LINE: Purdue favored by 7.5
  • SATURDAY LINE: Purdue favored by 10
  • THE SKINNY: Illinois being without Brandon Peters really hurts, especially coming on the heels of kickoff just an hour before. He took almost all of the first-team reps this week in practice. Purdue's opportunistic will be looking to create turnovers. There was a lot of money on Purdue all week, so there are many bettors with Purdue at 7 points or so. This news makes them happy. Updated 11:35 p.m.

Indiana at Rutgers

  • GAMETIME: 3:30 p.m. ET
  • TV: FOX Sports 1
  • RECORDS: Indiana (1-0); Rutgers (1-0)
  • LAST WEEK: Indiana beat Penn State 36-35 in overtime; Rutgers beat Michigan State 38-27
  • OPENING LINE: Indiana by 11.5 points
  • SATURDAY LINE: Indiana by 13
  • THE SKINNY: This line dropped down all the way to 10 later in the week, but now there's all sorts of money coming in on Indiana. That 13 number is something of a magic threshold, so it will be interested where the final line goes for certain bettors.

Northwestern at Iowa

  • GAMETIME: 3:30 p.m ET
  • TV: ESPN
  • RECORDS: Northwestern (1-0); Iowa (0-1)
  • LAST WEEK: Northwestern beat Maryland 43-3; Iowa lost to Purdue 24-20
  • OPENING LINE: Iowa favored by 2.5 points
  • SATURDAY LINE: Iowa by 2.
  • THE SKINNY: Money has been almost equal on this game all week, and there's been very little movement. It's dropped a half-point today. Northwestern on the money has ticked up a few bucks, too. Taking two points or less never makes sense, so look for a lot of money-line action on both sides now. Updated 11:25. a.m.

Ohio State at Penn State

  • GAMETIME: 7:30 p.m. ET
  • Ohio State (minus-12.5) vs. Penn State, 7:30 p.m. (TV: ABC)
  • TV: ABC
  • RECORDS: Ohio State (1-0); Penn State (0-1)
  • LAST WEEK: Ohio State beat Nebraska 52-17; Penn State lost to Indiana 36-35 in overtime
  • OPENING LINE: Ohio State favored by 12.5 points
  • SATURDAY LINE: Ohio State by 10 points
  • THE SKINNY: Sort of surprising that the Penn State money has shown up in force on Saturday, dropping the line a couple of points.

Wisconsin at Nebraska

  • TV:
  • RECORDS: Wisconsin (1-0); Nebraska (0-1)
  • LAST WEEK: Wisconsin beat Illinois 45-7; Nebraska lost to Ohio State 52-17
  • OPENING LINE: Wisconsin favored by 10.5 points
  • WEDNESDAY LINE: Off the board, wagers returned to bettors

Friday night: Minnesota at Maryland

  • GAMETIME: Friday, 7:30 p.m. ET
  • TV: ESPN
  • RECORDS: Minnesota (0-2), Maryland (1-1)
  • LAST WEEK: Minnesota missed an extra point and lost 45-44 in overtime to fall to 0-2
  • THURSDAY LINE: Minnesota was favored by 20 points.