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BLOOMINGTON, Ind — Jack Tuttle got his first start of the 2021 season for Indiana on Saturday against the unbeaten and 10th-ranked Michigan State Spartans. He did some good things, but the Hoosiers came up short in a 20-15 loss.

Starting quarterback Michael Penix suffered an AC joint separation in his left throwing shoulder on Oct. 2 at Penn State, and Indiana coach Tom Allen said it would be a game-day decision if Penix could play or not. Sure enough, Penix was spotted on the sidelines in street clothes.

So in came Tuttle, who stepped in for Penix near the end of the 2020 season after Penix tore his ACL on Nov. 28 against Maryland. Tuttle led the team to a win over Wisconsin the following week but suffered through the Outback Bowl game loss to Ole Miss with a shoulder injury of his own.

Healthy and ready to roll, Tuttle is always on standby and he says he prepares to start every game anyway. He finished the day 28-for-52 passing for 188 yards at two touchdowns.

Here's how every drive played out for Tuttle and the Hoosiers:

Indiana Drive No. 1

  • Plays: 13
  • Yards: 70
  • Time of possession: 5:01
  • First downs: 4
  • Key play: Jack Tuttle's completes a pass to Peyton Hendershot for 22 yards to the Michigan State 20-yard line for a first down.
  • Result: On fourth-and-goal, Indiana takes a 3-0 lead by a Charles Campbell field goal.
  • The skinny:  After an excellent start for Tuttle, 7-for-9 passing, he gets sacked at third-and-goal by Noah Harvey, which brings Campbell to the field. Indiana resorting to field goals is a common theme for the season.

Indiana Drive No. 2

  • Plays: 3
  • Yards: 2
  • Time of possession: 1:16
  • First downs: 0
  • Key play: Freshman quarterback Donaven McCulley's completes to running back Stephen Carr at Indiana's own 26-yard line. 
  • Result: Tuttle's pass is intercepted for a MSU pick-six, giving the Spartans a 7-3 lead. 
  • The skinny: That's been a common theme for Indiana this season. Penix had two pick-sixes versus Iowa in Week 1.

Indiana Drive No. 3

  • Plays: 3
  • Yards: 3
  • Time of possession: 00:56
  • First downs: 0
  • Key play: Tuttle's pass is complete to Javon Swinton for 3 yards to the Indiana 28-yard line.
  • Result: James Evans punts for 55 yards. MSU's Jayden Reed returns for 4 yards to the MSU 21-yard line.
  • The skinny: Tuttle goes 1-for-3 and settles for yet another Hoosier special teams moment.

Indiana Drive No. 4

  • Plays: 6
  • Yards: 17
  • Time of possession: 2:27
  • First downs: 1
  • Key play: Tuttle's pass is complete to Stephen Carr for 8 yards to the Michigan State 26-yard line.
  • Result: Charles Campbell kicks a 44-yard field goal.
  • The skinny: Donaven McCulley started the drive with a run for 5 yards to the MSU 38-yard line.

Indiana Drive No. 5

  • Plays: 12
  • Yards: 71
  • Time of possession: 5:33
  • First downs: 4
  • Key play: Chris Childers rushes for 25 yards to the Hoosiers' 47-yard line for a first down.
  • Result: Charles Campbell's 25-yard field goal is good. Indiana leads 9-7.
  • The skinny: While this drive was far better than the previous four, Indiana can't quite seem to get their groove and keeps relying on Campbell to score all of the Hoosiers' points. 

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Indiana Drive No. 6

  • Plays: 6
  • Yards: 43
  • Time of possession: 3:49
  • First downs: 1
  • Key play: Davion Ervin-Poindexter rushes for 29 yards to Indiana's own 47-yard line for a first down.
  • Result: Evans punts for 34 yards with the fair catch by Reed at the 13-yard line.
  • The skinny: This is the second drive Evans has gone in to add to the special teams party.

Indiana Drive No. 7

  • Plays: 5
  • Yards: 21
  • Time of possession: 00:25
  • First downs: 2
  • Key play: Tuttle's pass is complete to Miles Marshall for 10 yds to the MSU 37-yard line for a first down.
  • Result: Charles Campbell misses a 55-yard field goal attempt.
  • The skinny: At the end of the half, Indiana leads 9-7 with Campbell as the sole Hoosier scorer.

2nd Half

Indiana Drive No. 8

  • Plays: 7
  • Yards: 48
  • Time of possession: 2:57
  • First downs: 2
  • Key play: Tuttle's pass is complete to Ty Fryfogle for 19 yards to the Indiana 35- yard line for a first down.
  • Result: Evans punts for 39 yards for a touchback.
  • The skinny: Tuttle goes 4-for-6 passing in this drive.

Indiana Drive No. 9

  • Plays: 3
  • Yards: 7
  • Time of possession: 1:23
  • First downs: 0
  • Key play: Tuttle's pass is complete to Ty Fryfogle for 6 yards to the Hoosier's 31-yard line.
  • Result: Evans punts for 37 yards. Reed returns for 7 yards to the Spartan's 38-yard line. 
  • The skinny: MSU leads 10-9 over Indiana.

Indiana Drive No. 10

  • Plays: 5
  • Yards: 11
  • Time of possession: 2:01
  • First downs: 1
  • Key play: Tuttle's pass is complete to Childers for 5 yards to the Hoosier's 37-yard line for a first down.
  • Result: Tuttle's pass is intercepted at Indiana's 38-yard line.
  • The skinny: Tuttle was pressured on the throw and didn't have time to step up.

Indiana Drive No. 11

  • Plays: 11
  • Yards: 75
  • Time of possession: 3:53
  • First downs: 5
  • Key play: Carr takes it to the house for a 1-yard touchdown.
  • Result: The two-point conversion is no good meaning Indiana can't catch up to the Spartans on this drive.
  • The skinny: Perhaps the best drive of the game, Indiana is now within 2 of MSU (17-15). Tuttle goes 3-for-7 passing on this drive and relied on his running backs to do the rest. It's Indiana's first touchdown in Big Ten play this year.

Indiana Drive No. 12

  • Plays: 3
  • Yards: 1
  • Time of possession: 00:49
  • First downs: 0
  • Key play: Carr runs for 1 yard to the Indiana 26-yard line.
  • Result: Evans punts for 32 yards. The punt is out of bounds at MSU's 42-yard line.
  • The skinny: Tuttle went 0-for-2 passing for the shortest drive of the game so far.

Indiana Drive No. 13

  • Plays: 9
  • Yards: 17
  • Time of possession: 1:44
  • First downs: 2
  • Key play: Tuttle's pass is complete to Stephen Carr for 7 yards to Indiana's 15-yard line.
  • Result: Tuttle is sacked by Chester Kimbrough for a loss of 5 yards. Tuttle fumbles, and the ball is recovered by Kimbrough for the MSU first down.
  • The skinny: The Hoosiers catch a break, and the next play involves an Indiana interception. Indiana takes over on downs.

Indiana Drive No. 14

  • Plays: 6
  • Yards: 1
  • Time of possession: 1:11
  • First downs: 2
  • Key play: Carr runs for 2 yards to Indiana's 22-yard line.
  • Result: Tuttle's pass is incomplete on fourth-and-21. MSU takes over on downs.
  • The skinny: Tuttle is sacked by Jacub Panasiuk for a loss of 11 yards in this drive. All of Tuttle's passes are incomplete.

Final score: Michigan State 20, Indiana 15

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