Iowa moved into the Associated Press men's basketball poll this season for the first time on Monday.

The Hawkeyes (9-3), coming off a 77-70 win over Cincinnati on Saturday night at the United Center in Chicago, got 125 points in the AP voting.

Iowa missed getting into the coaches poll — the Hawkeyes were the first team among those receiving votes, falling 16 points short.

The Hawkeyes were ranked 13 weeks last season in the AP poll, getting as high as No. 14 in the Nov. 26 poll. Their last ranking was 22nd in the Feb. 25 poll.

Iowa is off until Sunday's game against Kennesaw State at Carver-Hawkeye Arena.

The resumé

NET: 26

KenPom: 20

Sagarin: 18

Record: 9-3

Big Ten record: 1-1

Nonconference record: 8-2

Road record: 2-1

Quadrant 1: 3-2

Quadrant 2: 2-1

Quadrant 3: 0-0

Quadrant 4: 4-0

Quadrant 1 games

San Diego State (1st in NET, L, 83-73, neutral court)

Michigan (16th, L, 103-91, road)

Minnesota (28th, W, 72-52, home)

Texas Tech (30th, W, 72-61, neutral)

Iowa State (68th, W, 84-68, road)

Upcoming games: Ohio State (2nd, home, Feb. 20), Maryland (20th, home, Jan. 10; road, Jan. 30), Penn State (18th, neutral, Jan. 4; home, Feb. 29), Michigan (16th, home, Jan. 17), Michigan State (22nd, away, Feb. 25), Illinois (41st, road, March 8), Indiana (29th, road, Feb. 13), Purdue (47th, road, Feb. 5), Minnesota (28th, road, Feb. 16)

Quadrant 2 games

DePaul (35th, L, 93-78, home)

Syracuse (84th, W, 68-54, road)

Cincinnati (86th, W, 77-70, neutral)

Upcoming games: Illinois (41st, home, Feb. 2), Purdue (47th, home, March 3)

Quadrant 3 games

Oral Roberts (113th, W, 87-74, home)

Upcoming games: Wisconsin (45th, home, Jan. 27), Rutgers (39th, home, Jan. 22), Nebraska (178th, road, Jan. 7), Northwestern (143rd, road, Jan. 14)

Quadrant 4 games

North Florida (208th, W, 83-68, home)

Cal Poly (323rd, W, 85-59, home)

SIUE (349th, W, 87-60, home)

Upcoming games: Nebraska (178th, home, Feb. 8), Kennesaw State (343rd, home, Dec. 29)