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On how the game went today…

“We did a really good job mixing the run and the pass. We went to power players four or five times. I thought we did a good job mixing up the plays. That’s how you start a game. It was an impressive drive, and the game was impressive all around.”

There kind of late when you really needed a stop, your guys really got after it. What did you see that allowed them to be able to handle the pressure…

“There was a lot of extra effort there. Mike and Jalen did a good job, but Mazi and Jenkins inside, they were doing an amazing job forcing things to the outside and getting the pressure up the middle to allow those edges to come through. It probably won’t show up in the stat line, but it was under 20 yards for rushing in the first half. You aren’t doing that unless you’re playing really good inside and up front.”

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“It’s a great feeling of winning, and it will be a very happy flight back to Michigan. Once the wheels hit the ground, we will start getting ready for Indiana.”

What have you seen and how do you feel about the offensive line and their chemistry from the first game of the season to today.

“It’s improving, we had that five in there today and it hasn’t always been that way through the first five games. It is important for other guys to step up, but our chemistry is coming. We can get better there, and we can get better in other certain areas. It’s a great win to keep moving on, especially after a Big Ten win.”

“This is a team that really prides themselves on blue collar mentality. They are a hardworking and physical team. I always try to have our team be like that. I even looked it up one time, and the whole blue collar thing started in Iowa. I can’t remember the town, I think Des Moines, but the guys were wearing blue jumpsuits working in the mines. It’s people who do manual labor, people who work hard. We respect that and try to be about that. When you are playing a team that’s about that, it’s exciting and challenging.”

How did you do against their defense... just kind of have to take what they give you. What do you think about your team’s execution

“I thought we did a good job and adjusted well in the second half when we started going to the outside zone run and were able to knock down that last touchdown. I thought we were moving them off the ball really well. Early they made some adjustments, but we made counter adjustments.”