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Watch: Kentucky OC Rich Scangarello Talks Offensive Line Movement, Florida Prep and More

Kentucky's OC is no stranger to shuffling the depth chart so early in a season

It's officially Florida game-week, and Kentucky's Offensive Coordinator Rich Scangarello is back in the saddle as a play-caller. 

The former San Fransisco 49ers QB's Coach said it felt good calling plays again last Saturday, something he hasn't done in a while. When speaking to the media on Tuesday, Scangarello addressed some of the shake-ups that UK's depth chart has already undergone. 

The offensive line has already shuffled, something Scangarello is used to seeing, but understands that it might make gelling as a unit a bit more challenging. 

"It's very difficult," Scangarello said about finding continuity in such a short span of time. "They have to play better, but it wasn't nearly as bad as it maybe felt in some areas. We can improve, there are little things, I can help them with scheme, I can help them with ways in which we handle some stuff. It's a combination of things, but we rotated guys through, we had Horsey playing guard, we did some different things to figure out some stuff, I think they'll all get better. I look at it like, those five have never played together." 

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You can watch the entire press conference above:

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