Arthur and Nick Albiero learning dynamic as coach and swimmer


Whether it’s a father and son or coach and swimmer relationship, Arthur Albiero and Nick Albiero have figured things out. Although it might have taken some time, the Louisville swimming and diving head coach and the junior swimmer have learned to balance their interchangeable roles.

The success is undeniable.

Arthur has won National Coach of the Year, coached Kelsi Worrell to NCAA National Championships, helped numerous swimmers reach the Olympics and was a member of the USA National Team's coaching staff for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

Nick earned ACC Freshman of the Year honors in 2017-18. As a sophomore, he placed fourth in the 200 butterfly and sixth in the 100 backstroke to earn individual All-American honors at the NCAA Championships.

“There was definitely some figuring that we had to do in the beginning,” Nick said. “Now we are a lot better, I see him as one of my coaches. He doesn’t give me any special treatment or anything. I treat him how I would treat any other coach.”

After being coached by his mother throughout his life, Nick became a swimmer under Arthur’s tutelage collegiately. Arthur said the two have learned how to manage their relationship.

“We have to find that line when it is time to be a son-dad conversation, that can be in my office or we can go out to breakfast, but if you’re going to complain about the lineup then I’m not going to take that very well as a head coach,” Arthur said.

Nick, who was named to the 2019-20 USA Swimming National Team, won gold for the second straight year in the 200 butterfly, a come-from-behind win that Arthur had to balance his role as a head coach and father.

“As a dad, I am thrilled, but as a head coach, I’m thinking of the team, the points,” Arthur said. “I got immediately into this race is over, we have to go into the relay. As a dad, you want to be in the moment, but as a coach we have to get ready for the next thing.”

With assistant coaches that he calls phenomenal, Arthur isn’t always giving his son guidance as a swimmer, relying on his assistants to develop swimmers.

“There are things I can certainly provide as a head coach, but all of our other coaches are hands on helping,” Arthur said. “I feel like it’s not a straight thing that’s just me and him.”


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