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Hunter Dickinson Ready To Explode As A Sophomore

Getting Hunter Dickinson back was absolutely huge for Juwan Howard and Michigan basketball.

According to head coach Juwan Howard, Hunter Dickinson made a sacrifice last year by playing with his back to the basket. 

"Hunter’s always been able to shoot the basketball," Howard said. "He’s displayed that in high school, he’s displayed that in AAU before he arrived here on campus. 

"What’s amazing about Hunter is that he’s shown he’s a guy that’s all in for the team and all about sacrificing. Last season, we had four guys in the starting lineup that averaged 35% or better from 3-point land. Having five guys on the perimeter just clogs up everything and just kills your spacing. What he did was special for the group because he showed a different side of his game that many people didn’t get a chance to see throughout high school — back to the basket, and he dominated in that area."

It obviously worked out because Dickinson shot just under 60% from the field, was a second team All-Big Ten member and took home Big Ten Freshman of the Year honors. Back to the basket works.

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Now, Dickinson is trying to add new wrinkles to his game in order to improve his draft stock and become a more dominant player at Michigan. In the video above, Dickinson explains what he's doing and why, and also touches on how good he thinks he can be as a sophomore.