WATCH: Devante Jones Describes Why He Chose Michigan

The Coastal Carolina transfer has some big goals for his time in Ann Arbor.
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Michigan Basketball's newest transfer from Coastal Carolina joined The Front Office podcast to discuss his decision to pick Michigan over other programs.

Why did it end up being the Wolverines for you?

Jones: "Just the relationship I built with Juwan Howard throughout the whole process.  He just understood the position I was in.  I told him that when I did commit there that I wanted to still declare for the draft just to get some feedback to see where I was at with the draft.  It was a family thing, man.  Hunter, Jace - all those guys were in great communication with me, so just talkin to those guys and getting a feel for what the program was felt like home."

Talk about your relationship with Juwan Howard

Jones: "It's great, we talk almost every day.  He's just telling me what he expects from me coming straight there, he's just telling me that he feels like I can make a big impact right away.  He's got a great relationship with my parents, he understands me, he's just a great guy."

Are you ready for the Big Ten?

Jones: "I feel like at the end of the day it's just basketball.  I'm coming in with a chip on my shoulder, knowing that I'm playing with a lot of talented guys, knowing that it won't be easy, but knowing that I can adjust to it because I've been in a lot of situations where I've needed to adjust.  Just play my game, not coming in trying to do too much, playing within the system, letting guys trust me just being the playmaker that I can be."

What intrigues you the most about next year?

Jones: Honestly I'm looking forward to playing in front of the fans. I've been just getting a lot of love from the fans each and every day. It's just going to be a great thing playing in front of the Ann Arbor fans.  I heard the games are always pack, I just can't wait to get in front of that big environment.

What is Juwan Howard's plan for you?

Jones: "Be a leader, have the ball in my hands, be that point guard, be the coach on the floor."

Is Michigan winning it all next year?

Jones: "Of course, of course.  Ann Arbor, I know you all missed out on the season but we're coming back.  We got one of the best recruiting classes in the country. and we're about to make a big run after this national championship."