Former Michigan Star Jarrod Bunch Tells His Story, Talks Bo Schembechler and Robert Anderson

Former Michigan running back Jarrod Bunch reluctantly revisits his time at Michigan and tells his painful story involving Dr. Robert Anderson.
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Former Michigan running back Jarrod Bunch, who was a team captain at U-M and eventually became a first-round pick, shined while in Ann Arbor. But behind closed doors, he was suffering like so many other players because of Dr. Robert Anderson.

In a Sports Illustrated cover story by Michael Rosenberg, Bunch told his story about how his career started, how it developed and how it wrapped up, all while dreading visits to Dr. Anderson.

“I don’t like you. You’re not tough,” Bo once told Bunch. “Those were his exact words. It wasn’t a [psychological] game. If you were not tough, he did not like you."

Because of that, players feared Bo. They didn't want to appear weak to him. That's a major reason why so many players who felt violated by Anderson did not tell Schembechler. They didn't want to come off as weak and they didn't want to be in Bo's dog house — or worse, they didn't want to lose their scholarship. Which, according to several former players, was a real concern.

This isn't a new idea. We've now heard first-hand recollections from Jon Vaughn, Chuck Christian, Dan Kwiatkowski and Gilvanni Johnson — and they're all eerily similar. Some told Bo, more didn't, and Bunch's story explains why. You can read Bunch's entire story HERE and draw your own conclusions.