Roundtable: Michigan's Most Versatile Player


Merriam-Webster defines the word versatile as embracing a variety of subjects, fields, or skill and being able to turn with ease from one thing to another. 

Considering that definition, who on Michigan's roster is the most versatile player?

Brandon Brown

To me, Michael Barrett is the epitome of versatility. He was mostly a dual-threat quarterback in high school and arrived at Michigan as an athlete who could get a look at several positions. He was once a wide receiver and also did some stuff out of the backfield and also returned kicks and punts. Now, he's penciled in as a starting linebacker at Don Brown's famous viper position. You just flat out do not see players play wide receiver and linebacker in college. Throw in the ability to throw the ball and return kicks and you have the poster boy for versatility.

Justin Roh

The most versatile player for the Wolverines is Daxton Hill. The sophomore could line up at any position in the defensive backfield and be extremely effective. With his 4.3 speed, he can cover anyone on the field. Hill has shown that he is fast enough to stay with a receiver on a deep route, and he is quick enough to jump a screen. What is underrated on Hill, though, is his physicality. Despite his size at just 6-0, 190, he has been able to cover larger receivers and tackle very well.

Eric Rutter

In terms of Michigan's most versatile football player, Giles Jackson is as strong of a candidate as any current Wolverine. Last year, Jackson made a big impact in the return game, and his speed was used as a weapon several times as a receiver on offense. But judging by his agility, vision and tackle breaking ability, Jackson could even be used as a running back on third down situations. Michigan has a deep running back room right now so that probably won't happen, but Jackson's skill set is that of a scat back, similar to Tarik Cohen in the NFL. To top it off, Jackson was nominated for the 2020 Paul Hornung Award, which is given to the nation's most versatile player, so Jackson seems well suited to earn the title of Michigan's most versatile player. 

Jack Scheel

When thinking of the most versatile player on Michigan’s football team, Michael Barrett is the first name that comes to mind. He was a former high school quarterback and was recruited to Michigan as an athlete. We’ve seen him execute plays on special teams and he seems to be the leading candidate to take over the viper position for Don Brown’s defense. 

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