Barton Simmons On Harbaugh, Michigan Football

Steve Deace

The national college football analyst for CBS Sports, and national recruiting analyst for 247 Sports, provided his assessment of Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan program on his podcast recently. 

Here's what Simmons said on the "Cover 3 Podcast," when asked by a Michigan fan if the Wolverines will ever be nationally relevant again. 

I don't think you can count on Michigan being a national contender year in and year out under Jim Harbaugh. I think Harbaugh has gotten the program to the point that he could hand it off to someone that can get Michigan to that national title contender (status) year-in and year-out. I also think that Michigan is close enough that if things hit right, and the right guys stick around and develop, it can have a cycle-up year when its capable of winning a national title. 

In 2016 they were 4-5 points away from 13-0. Michigan has been close. They are close. Things aren't desolate at Michigan. Things are pretty good. But I do think from a recruiting standpoint its not in the LSU-Georgia-Ohio State-Clemson tier. And I don't think anyone that's not in that tier is ready to contend, year-in and year-out, for national championships. 

It's not bleak and hopeless. This Michigan program, in its current state, in the right year can contend for a national title. Things have to hit, align, and fall into place perfectly. But Michigan is not so far away that it can't have a special year. 

What do you think of Simmons' assessment of Michigan football under Harbaugh? Let us know in the comments section. 

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No. 1-1

Considering Michigan’s academic standards, you can’t compare them to the four schools listed.