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What Are The Hurdles Involved With Starting Football Later Than Normal?

It's being floated that the Big Ten may start playing football around Thanksgiving.

There are a lot of hurdles that come along with kicking off the college football season in late November, but that's one of the start dates being kicked around by the Big Ten according to multiple sources.

We've heard October 1, mid-October, Thanksgiving time and January 1 as potential start dates, which is obviously a wide range of dates. Each date has pros and cons that come with it, but one thing seems certain — the Big Ten knows it needs to star playing, especially if the ACC, Big 12 and SEC really stick to their start dates, which it appears is going to happen.

Genna Rose tosses the question about how to start playing football in the Big Ten to Eric Rutter and myself and we do our best to give our opinion on why, when and how it can happen.

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