Jim Harbaugh Doesn't Name Starting QB, But There's A Reason

Jim Harbaugh was asked about the quarterback situation on Monday, but he skirted it.
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Jim Harbaugh has coach speak down to a science. He rarely answers questions directly and sometimes he doesn't even answer them indirectly. 

On Monday, he was asked about Penn State, specifically, what to expect from an 0-5 team that has talent, and he didn't say one word about the Nittany Lions. All he talked about was going 1-0 and winning the week, having a strong string of meetings, practices and drills and how to train, eat and recover as they prepare. Why he can't talk about the team he's about to play, I don't know.

He was also asked about Cade McNamara and whether or not he'd be the starter. He dodged that question as well, but he had a good reason this time.

Everyone knows that McNamara is going to start, but I understand Harbaugh wanting to share that information with Cade and his team before he does with the media. However, I could see a scenario where declaring McNamara the starter as soon as possible would inject even more confidence into a young quarterback who's already playing well, but that's not the biggest deal in the world.