Jim Harbaugh Is A Defeated Man

It's not a surprise, but Jim Harbaugh looks overcooked.
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Michigan is 1-3 for the first time since 1967. 

The Badgers just beat Michigan 49-11 after leading 28-0 at the half, which was the largest deficit at the break in the history of the storied Big House.

Michigan State has looked dreadful, but they'll hang their hat on that win over Big Brother.

Joe Milton was benched.

Four of Michigan's best players are all out with injuries.

Jim Harbaugh is defeated.

Michigan's head coach is accomplishing things that no other coach has done since he's been a toddler and none of them are good. After the Michigan State game, Harbaugh looked like he might retire right there on the spot. Then he and his team got beat by 17 by Indiana and last night they were drilled by almost 40 by Wisconsin. 

Harbaugh filled his post game press conference with lots of coach speak and recaps, but failed to really answer any questions or address any of the issues we keep seeing. I think, it's because he has no answers. The ship is sinking and he knows it. It really looks like the game has passed him by.

The same can be said for Don Brown and Josh Gattis. Neither coordinator is getting it done both are being severely out coached by whoever is on the opposite sideline. 

Excuses are being made by some, but most are ready for the Harbaugh era to be over. In fact, Jim just might be one of them.