This Is An Embarrassment

Michigan has hit yet ANOTHER low allowing Penn State to get its first win of the season.
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It's now beyond just losing. Michigan has become a complete embarrassment within the Big Ten. If teams need a boost, a shot of confidence or an unexpected win, Michigan is the team to play.

During the broadcast, I jokingly tweeted, "Haven't scored on your first drive or stopped anyone on theirs? Come to Ann Arbor, we'll get you right."

Heading into halftime I followed up with, ""If you act now, we'll even throw in your first halftime lead in almost a year!"

Only neither is a joke. Both are the reality that is Michigan football. The Wolverines are letting teams do things that haven't done in weeks, months or ever in some cases, they are bad in all phases and the coaching staff looks more inept with each passing week. Penn State was 0-5 heading into the game with every reason in the world to fall to 0-6 and instead, left The Big House with a ____ to ____ victory.

The offense just looks inept. If it really is Josh Gattis calling all of the plays, he doesn't know what he's doing. Instead of watching Cade McNamara shine in his first start, we watched him flounder, get dinged up and look lost under this staff's tutelage. Multiple unsuccessful runs up the middle in situations that needed something else. Predictable play calls and approaches that haven't worked in several years. Once again asking players to do things that are going to be difficult to do. It's just lather, rinse, repeat with the same lackluster results week after week.

In the second quarter, we saw running back Hassan Haskins rip off a 61-yard run and finish a drive with a touchdown only to disappear on the next two series'. We saw Joe Milton thrusted into action while McNamara dealt with a shoulder issue and attempted difficult deep outs instead of some short, easy rhythm throws. Drives were killed by unimaginative, predictable and ineffective play calls, including the wildcat yet again.

It's just mind boggling.

On defense, it was more of the same. Penn State quarterback Sean Clifford looked like Mike Vick at times and stacked up XXX yards and a touchdown as a runner. The game started in a way it hasn't all year for Penn State — with a touchdown. Michigan's defense was essentially a sieve as the Nittany Lions marched right down the field and punched it in. It happened a couple other times during the game too as Penn State scored the most points it had scored all year in regulation. Cutaways showed Don Brown looking defeated, discouraged and out of answers.

I've had to say it after four separate unacceptable performances now. Jim Harbaugh must go. Josh Gattis must go. Don Brown must go. This team has no fight, looks unprepared and can't beat a team with a pulse. The Wolverines were lucky to get a win against Rutgers and really might not win again with Maryland and Ohio State left on the schedule.