During Jim Harbaugh's media availability on Monday, the Michigan head coach kept most cards pretty close to the vest, though he did share some quality information about U-M's likely starters heading into the Minnesota game. Here are the highlights from Harbaugh's press conference earlier today:

Confidence in offensive line

  • “Feel very good. Big, a lot of length and really good athleticism. The two tackles are both experienced guys-- Ryan Hayes and Jalen Mayfield, Karsen Barnhart also, I consider him a starter as well. Inside, Chuck Filiaga has really made a lot of strides. He's playing extremely well. He'll be in there for us at guard along with Andrew Stueber, who had ACL last year in camp but did a great job rehabbing. He's back healthy and been very good, consistent. Andrew Vastardis is the starting center, so we are excited with our offensive line. Them gelling, coming together has been a good, a good process. I'm exited to see them let it rip too. I'm excited to watch all our guys compete. That's probably the bottom line. I'm excited to watch all our guys compete.”

Week 1 starting quarterback

  • “Joe has been running with the ones. As I said before, naming any starter at this point is a daily thing right up until game time, so it's tough for me to say definitely anybody is going to be starting when they have to test on Friday before we leave to be able to make the trip, then they have to test negative on game day to be able to play.”

Joe Milton's progression over the offseason

  • “The biggest one, Joe's got an extremely strong arm, but he really took to heart to throw passes with touch, necessary passes with appropriate-- I think he made a lot of growth in that way-- with appropriate elevation on the ball. He's really made it a catchable ball, if you can picture that. There's been great dialogue between the receivers and tight ends and backs and Joe has really done a great job in that regard and a lot of others. He's done a great job mentally. He's practicing extremely well in all phases of quarterback play, so he's ready to play the game.”

The competition for the No. 2 cornerback position

  • “Gemon Green is doing a very good job. Sammy Fausitn has moved from safety to corner, and he's gotten up to speed really fast. Really smart player. Also Jalen Perry, D.J. Turner are also in competition for that spot as well.”

How the WR room shapes up without Nico Collins

  • “Receiver-wise, the receivers have been really good and a lot of them. A lot of really good receivers. One of the really good things about our offense's growth has been the receiving group. Their ability to get separation, to gain separation, to increase separation and to catch the contested catches and a lot of guys-- Ronnie Bell, Mike Sainristil, Roman Wilson, Giles Jackson, Cornelius Johnson is doing extremely well Jake McCurry, A.J. Henning, Nate Schoenle. Those are the receivers we are going into the ballgame with and we feel really good about it.”

How do you think Michigan will fare this weekend? What is your biggest concern ahead of kickoff? Let us know!