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The Three Most Interesting Things Matt Weiss Said: Aug. 7, 2022

Matt Weiss is in year two at Michigan with a new role and at least some input on who should play quarterback for the Wolverines.

"JJ is on the exact same plan as everybody else."

That sure is encouraging given where he was in the spring. McCarthy is extremely talented but was not able to push Cade McNamara at all during the early part of the year. Now, he's a full participant and is reportedly playing just as well if not better than Cade. Combine McCarthy's health with what with Jim Harbaugh recently said about McCarthy splitting first-team reps evenly with McNamara and we have the makings of a true quarterback battle. 

"[Recruiting] is not something that I did for the last 15 years."

I'm sorry, but I just don't love the idea of a guy coaching a position at Michigan when he has zero recruiting experience. Some of the best coaches to ever lead a team have talked about the importance of recruiting prowess when it comes to hiring assistants. Certainly football knowledge, play design and play calling, experience in other areas and evaluation are extremely important too, but you could make the argument that recruiting is more vital than all of those things. Weiss mentioned several times that he's still learning and figuring out recruiting. That just didn't sit well with me especially when you consider that Michigan missed out on Dante Moore in 2023 and CJ Carr in 2024. 

"It's hard to see [JJ McCarthy] being anything but really, really good at the University of Michigan whenever his time comes."

I just feel like Weiss and Harbaugh have been extremely complimentary of McCarthy and truly see this battle going down to the wire. I also see what they're saying potentially as foreshadowing. If Harbaugh does decide to start McCarthy, he can reference all of these types of comments. Weiss has made them. Harbaugh has made them. Sherrone Moore has made them. With every passing day, it feels more and more like JJ's time is coming this season to me.

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