We continue our series as we look at each potential contributor on Michigan's roster in numerical order and look at what would be a stellar, standard and subpar season in 2020.

We're on to No. 3, senior kicker Quinn Nordin.

Like we just outlined with No. 2 Jake Moody, it's a little bit tricky to label Michigan's kickers. Who's the starter? Who is called up on for a chip shot? What about a 55-yard bomb? Who's hot? We saw different answers to those questions over the last couple of seasons but Nordin feels like he's in the top spot right now. 

The 6-1, 196-pounder has a monster leg but consistency has been an issue throughout his career. During a three-game stretch in 2018, Nordin missed four field goals in a row. Last year, he started the season off 0-for-3. However, after that 0fer start, Nordin went a very impressive 10-for-10 to close out the year, and made a program record 57-yarder against Alabama in the bowl game.

With all we've seen from Nordin, what kind of season would be considered stellar, standard and subpar for him?


Stellar for Nordin would be picking up exactly where he left off and chasing 15 made field goals. Making 10 field goals in a row and banging through a 57-yarder against Bama should've sent Nordin into the offseason with a ton of confidence and a belief that the job is his. It's hard to predict how many field goal attempts a kicker is going to get but as long as Nordin is the guy, is making more than 75% of his attempts, which is his career average, and stays healthy, he'll ride off into the sunset as one of the best kickers to ever do it in a winged helmet. If Nordin makes 18 field goals as a senior, he'll finish No. 3 all time in makes behind No. 2 Remy Hamilton and No. 1 Garret Rivas. Nordin has made 19 in a season, so it's not out of the realm of possibilities. Could he make 25 or more and best Hamilton's single season record? That's a lot to ask, but he's got the leg to do it. If he did, he'd go down as the best kicker in Michigan history.


A standard season would be more of what Nordin has done throughout his career at U-M. During his three years of action, Nordin is 40-of-53 (75.47%) with a long of 57. He also has makes of 55 and 50. If he makes three out of every four kicks and knocks through another 50-plus yarder, en route to making 10-12 total field goals in 2020, that would be a good season and no one would be mad about it, but it wouldn't be viewed as special.


A subpar season for Nordin would involve him missing kicks he should make or maybe succumbing to an injury — both of which have happened to him during his time at U-M. If he goes cold, or perhaps tweaks a hammy, Michigan would be fine with Jake Moody waiting in the wings, but it would certainly take away from Nordin's final season and would be viewed as a big disappointment given how he finished 2019. 

My Thoughts

Nordin has always been as confident as any player on Michigan's roster and I like that about him. In his final season in U-M, I think he'll channel that, focus up and have a great year. I don't know if it'll be record setting, but I see it being in the stellar category. He'd be viewed as a key piece of the 2020 team with 12+ makes, accuracy in the 80% range and two or more field goals of more than 50 yards. If he can achieve those numbers or better, give him a gold star as he puts a bow on his career as a Wolverine.

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