Michigan First To The Party For 2022 QB Charlie Mirer


As a 6-6, 225-pound quarterback of a big time program and with the last name that he has, you'd think Charlie Mirer would be stacking up offers already despite being in the 2022 class. Instead, he just reeled in his first tender from Michigan and could not be more excited about it.

"It was an unexpected, unbelievable experience," Mirer said. "I wasn’t expecting the offer to come through at all and when Coach [Jim] Harbaugh said it I thought I was dreaming."

It seems a little strange that Mirer doesn't have any other offers yet. He is the son of former Notre Dame and NFL quarterback Rick Mirer, so obviously the bloodlines are there, and programs out west love big, strong-armed quarterbacks who can throw it all over the lot. Even though it's just Michigan right now, one would think that Notre Dame may eventually get involved, as will California and other Pac-12 schools.

"I don’t think I have received other offers because I do not have much experience playing varsity football," Mirer said. "I’m not sure if other schools are close to pulling the trigger but I’ve been in contact with a couple of coaches. I’m not sure where they are at with seeing me as a potential prospect. Maybe this [Michigan offer] will give other schools a little nudge."

As a sophomore, Mirer obviously has a ton of time to figure everything out and reel in more offers, but he does like the idea of having one in hand. As others come, he's going to weigh them all against each other to see who he needs to focus on moving forward.

"I think I’m going to compare other schools by where I can get the best experience and the best coaching and opportunities to play," he said. "All these things will go through my mind along with my family to find what’s best for me."

Michigan being first is definitely going to keep them in the forefront of Mirer's mind, but it's obviously not the biggest factor when a recruit is look for a school. Still, U-M has put itself in a solid position at the beginning of Mirer's recruitment and likely won't slip from said position.

"Getting Michigan as the first offer is really special and I’ll always hold them close because they saw something in me first," he said.

Michigan is in early, but they're going to have a shot. Mirer's older brother, Oliver, plays lacrosse for the Wolverines, so it's not as long a shot as it sometimes can be with big time California prospects. Mirer probably isn't "big time" just yet, but he feels like the kind of kid who will have many offers by the time it's all said and done.

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