Michigan's Blake Corum Embracing Leadership Role

Through his example and his words, Michigan sophomore running back Blake Corum has once again established himself as a leader both on the field and within the locker room.
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Though several question marks surround the Michigan Football program heading into the 2021 season, the running back room in Ann Arbor is not one of those question marks.  In fact, the Wolverines might have one of the most dangerous running back rooms in the entire conference - if not the entire country.

While senior Hassan Haskins serves as the veteran of the group, head coach Jim Harbaugh made clear that - along with Haskins - Corum has positioned himself at the top of the depth chart.

"Hassan and Blake, they're kind of like running back one and one," said Harbaugh at Big Ten Media Days in Indianapolis. "So, as we sit here today, those three are up there high to where it would be a three-back type of rotation, leaning on Blake and Hassan the most."

Blake Corum

As Corum's role on the field figures to increase substantially in 2021, his role within the locker room has already grown from year one to year two.  

"Last year, being a freshman, I feel like I couldn't talk much," said Corum in a recent interview with Wolverine Digest.  "It was more just leading by example.  And now I feel like the guys actually listen to what I say and look at me as a leader. And so I feel like that's a big difference in my role from last year to this year. I feel like...I'm not a captain, but I'm a leader.  That's the biggest difference in my role."

For Corum, taking on a leadership role is something he's done throughout his entire life - and now he's bringing those same leadership qualities to Ann Arbor.

"I can tell the guys 'hey let's get up, 'let's get up'.  I can talk to them instead of just leading by example.  Now I can do both and that's what I feel like I've always done my whole life. I've always been a leader - leading by example and by mouth. So that's my biggest role."

Beyond his role individually, Corum acknowledged that the team has also grown considerably from last year - echoing the same sentiments from many of the other players and coaches who've noticed the difference as well.

"It's a character thing, everyone has good character this year. It's a culture thing, the culture is way different than it was last year.  When you walk into the building, you're going to feel something - and it's good energy. There's no bad energy in the facility right now.  Spring ball was phenomenal, that was the highest energy I've felt since I've been here. Every day guys are coming in and giving their all.  It's a different feeling than it was last year."

The Wolverines kick off the 2021 season on Sept. 4, 2021 at home against the Western Michigan Broncos.