One Of Michigan’s Newest Signees Wants MSU Commit Rayshaun Benny In Ann Arbor

The Wolverines don't appear to be content in letting Benny's commitment to Michigan State go unchallenged.
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Rayshaun Benny is one of top defensive tackle prospects in the country, one of the top overall prospects in the state of Michigan, and is currently committed to Michigan State.

Benny announced his commitment to the Spartans back in early November in spite of offers from programs like Ohio State, Notre Dame, and Michigan. Landing the 6-5, 275 pound defensive tackle out of Oak Park (Mich.) was big for Mel Tucker and the Michigan State Spartans, but the fight for his services now appears far from over. As National Signing Day came and went, the Spartans finished the day without a signature from Benny - leaving the door open for rival programs to make their case.

Enter Xavier Worthy.

In a series of late night messages via his social media accounts, Worthy called on Michigan fans to let Benny know that they wanted him at Michigan. Worthy also made clear his intention to flip Benny to Michigan with a short, simple message - “we finna flip emm”. 

As one of the top signees of the Michigan 2021 class, Worthy’s pursuit of Benny is notable at the very least. Even with all of the uncertainty surrounding Jim Harbaugh’s contract saga, the Wolverines just hauled in an impressive class that is currently ranked No. 2 in the Big Ten and No. 11 nationally. It’s hard to imagine that Benny wouldn’t give serious consideration to joining such a strong cast, particularly with guys like Worthy leading the charge.

According to Benny, Michigan State attempted to get him to sign early on National Signing day, but Benny decided to hold off on making it official until February. “Yeah, I'm solid on Michigan State still,” Benny said. “They tried to get me to sign early. It didn't necessarily make me nervous, it just more showed how important I was. But with me, I'm the type of person if I got my mind set on something, that's what I'm going to do. And there ain't no changing my mind.”

Benny might feel solid in his commitment to become a Spartan as of now, but clearly the Michigan Wolverines - a group in desperate need of defensive tackles - aren’t content in letting that commitment go unchallenged.