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As Eric Gordon looks forward to his pro day, Spartan Nation caught up with the great MSU linebacker.

As Eric Gordon looks forward to his pro day, Spartan Nation caught up with the great MSU linebacker.

In 2010 Eric Gordon was unquestionably the anchor of a vastly improved Michigan State defense. Now as he moves toward realizing his dream of playing in the NFL, Spartan Nation caught up with Eric to look back on his career as a Spartan and to get a glimpse into his preparations for his pro day on March 16th.

Gordon came to Michigan State looking to make a mark on the program, but not in the way you may think. While many college recruits envision having their name hung in a ring of honor, Eric came in with a slightly different plan. “I wanted to win a Big Ten championship, that’s why I came to Michigan State,” he explained. He was finally able to achieve that goal in 2010, as the Spartans went 11-1 in the regular season on their way to the school’s first conference championship since the George Perles era.

When talking about winning that championship, it was obvious that Gordon was still on cloud nine. “It’s a feeling you can’t really express unless you’ve gone through it,” he said. “Having had some ups and downs at Michigan State, and finally getting that championship was a wonderful feeling and I’ll never forget that.”

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Now, Eric doesn’t have a lot of time for reflection, as he’s getting ready to show what he can do for NFL scouts at the Michigan State pro day. Eric has been training all throughout the off-season so that he can put his best foot forward in front of the people who may be looking to give him a shot on an NFL team. “They’re long days,” he laughed, “but we’re getting a lot out of them.” Eric explained that he’s mostly looking to improve on his ability to shed blockers with his hands. However, his preparation isn’t all mental. He said: “I’m a student of the game so trying to be able to study film better is something that I’ll always be trying to get better at.” No doubt that is something that every NFL team loves to hear.

Of course, most of the NFL talk in the media has centered around Greg Jones, but that doesn’t bother Gordon.  “Football is a game I love,” he stated “I started in 6th grade, there was no press back then, just a love of the game. That’s still how I look at it.” Statements like these show why Eric is considered the ultimate teammate, a trait that will carry him a long way once he gets his shot as a pro.

But football isn’t the only thing in Eric’s life, his family has and always will play a large role in his life.  “They mean the world to me, and have been there every step of the way,” he said.  He went on to explain that his family is always there for him, and are always willing to talk with him about any subject.  In these stressful few weeks ahead, these kinds of ties can mean the difference between a strong pro-day showing and a sub-par one.  We here at Spartan Nation are betting that Eric Gordon is going to impress a lot of people on March 16th.