2009 Spartan Nation Football Profile: MLB Greg Jones #53

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2009 Spartan Nation Football Profile: MLB Greg Jones #53

Height: 6’1”

Weight:Â 226

2009 Eligibility:Â Junior

EXP:Â 2 Letters

Status:Â Starting MLB


Strengths: Greg Jones is the most complete player on the Spartans. He plays with the hottest fire of any Spartan for the game of football and practices with the same high motor. He has tremendous vision, foot movement and technique. He has all of his teammates respect on the field and plays with the same tenacity on the first play and the last, with a lead and without. He loves playing on special teams and will do anything that his coaches ask of him. He plays so fluid and can see so well and those tools combined with a high football IQ make him a force.


Weakness: Greg plays with such high passion that he can struggle occasionally with the continuation of play. For example, last year he blitzed and went all out on the QB. He dove for a sack, but the QB had hit an outlet receiver in the flat. If he had his head up he may have been able to see the release of the ball and kept his feet and pursued to the RB and made the tackle behind the line. Finding weaknesses in Jones are difficult because of how he plays the game. I admit that, but it is something that to go from a great college LB to a super one he needs to make. I will be shocked if he isn’t playing as good as FMR OSU MLB James Laurinaitis was at the end of last season, by the end of this.


Final Analysis: Jones has succeeded because his focus and drive are all directed towards the football field. He is a little short at 6’1” but certainly not something that is career altering. It does however leave him less room for error. Ideally, you would like your MLB to be taller (6’3”+) and even a little heavier. Jones overcomes that with great football quickness and mental aggression. He should be discussed among the elite and if the Spartans can get to ten wins (see my discussion of the 2009 season here) I feel he could be the recipient of the Butkus award and the first Spartan to win it since Percy Snow in 1989.