2009 Spartan Nation Football Profile: QB Kirk Cousins #8

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2009 Spartan Nation Football Profile:Â QB Kirk Cousins #8

Height: 6’3”

Weight:Â 202

2009 Eligibility:Â Sophomore

EXP:Â 1 Letter

Status:Â Starting QB


Strengths: When you talk about QBs there are a lot of intangibles. QB is the single most important position on the football field and there is as much mental, perceived and physical, as anything else. 


Kirk Cousins possesses all those talents. He is greatly admired by his teammates. He has exceptional leadership ability and that is huge for any QB, let alone one trying to take over for a two-year starter with back-to-back bowl games like Brian Hoyer.


Kirk’s teammates like and respect his huddle presence. Jesse Miller, former MSU starting RT, explained Cousin’s presence in the huddle like this, “There are some guys you play with and some for. *Kirk is a for guy. You want to run through a wall for him. I have seen him jump in the huddle and tell a guy who just about got him killed, that it was his bad and he should have seen it. He is all about the next play.”


In the Capital One Bowl, there was a harbinger of what Cousins could do. He dropped back to pass against an exceptional defense and the Bulldog safety was laying off of Deon Curry. Cousins saw it and progressed to his second read and when that wasn’t there he dumped off to Javon.


He has excellent field vision and progresses through his reads with great speed and accuracy. Kirk has never been given anything, and he likes the battle. He has the calm, the feet and the intangibles to be a great QB at MSU.


Weakness: I watched every play that he had in 2008 four times this week, but for a weakness I take you back to practice. Earlier this spring Kirk threw a bullet strike pass that was perfect, and it was dropped by a receiver. He shook his head frustrated and walked off the field.


A QB has to be able to not just rally the troops, but at times he has to get on guys. I alluded to before on Spartan Nation a play in which he took off running and literally ran over Greg Jones, so I know the fire is there, but Cousins will need to assume command of the team and occasionally that means being a vocal leader that isn’t always being positive.


I am in no way inferring being a prima dona, I am alluding to being a leader. Kirk is so unassuming and such a lead by example guy, that the jury is still out on if he can be the guy that jumps in and takes command when he has to be an on field coach and correct. 

I personally think that he can, and I know the staff has all the confidence in the world in him; it is just a matter of seeing it.


Final Analysis: Cousins came into the spring the number one guy and came out the same. Keith Nichol also had a good spring and their stats were the same. The only difference was the WR group dropped a lot of good Cousins passes or the stats wouldn’t have been equal.


This is going to be the most epic battle for QB at MSU in a long time, but if Cousins wins it, and he is the front-runner now, he has all the tools and intangibles.


*When the story was originally posted this said Keith. That was a mistake on our part. It was Kirk. Thanks.