2009 Spartan Nation Football Profile: RB Andre Anderson #27

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2009 Spartan Nation Football Profile:Â RB Andre Anderson #27

Height: 5’9”

Weight:Â 190

2009 Eligibility:Â Sophomore

EXP:Â 1 Letter

Status:Â Backup RB


Strengths: Speed, Speed and more speed and in case you didn’t get the hint: SPEED. Anderson has it, and when the ball is in his hands he can show it off. He is a strong back with that speed that makes him a thread to take it to the house every time he touches the ball.


Let’s head to a game for some examples of his talent. In the first quarter against EMU, the Spartans had a 2nd and three. There was 3:25 to go in the quarter and the Spartans were at the EMU 26 and driving. Anderson was giving Javon one of his few rests of the season and took the ball and ran right behind Jesse Miller. He was explosive and through the hole immediately. It was a ten-yard gain and the best example of what he can do. He isn’t a battler who is going to fight in the middle with guys hanging all over him for that crucial two yards. On that play, however, it took three guys to stop him with a full head of speed. He isn’t a short yardage guy who will fight off three guys without a full head of speed, but when he gets the full head of speed he can do wonders.


Another great example is on the ensuing play. The Spartans had a first down, courtesy of Andre’s previous run, and they were at the EMU 16. Andre ran the same play, this time towards Rock Cironi on the left and it was good for five yards. It showed the same explosion and burst and again it took multiple guys to take him down.


Weakness: Anderson did very well in the top two plays showing off his talent. The problem is that when you are a backup trying to assert yourself and take that backup or even starters job you have to make the best of every opportunity. The Spartan staff was disappointed last season that none of the backs “Took the job.” Here is an example of that failure and a weakness of Anderson.


Against UM in the second quarter, MSU was at the UM 27 facing a 2nd and two. As soon as they put Anderson in, I took note that here was a crucial play against an archrival. They were approaching the end zone, and they gave Ringer a rest. Javon had been severely injured that week in practice and they had bemoaned the fact that no one had stepped up as a number two guy. In came Anderson to put to rest all doubts and take the job. It was a normal running play with limited pressure, but Anderson fumbled and lost the ball. Ending a chance for at least three points, but more importantly cementing that he wasn’t that go-to-guy the rest of the season.


You absolutely have to step up and take things at this level. Mental mistakes like a fumble under less than understandable circumstances will get you sitting.


Final Analysis: Anderson is a very talented back. He has the tools to be a big part of a one-two combination. He isn’t a full time back, but he has the tools. He can’t afford mental mistakes like the UM fumble and he has to stay in the game and PRACTICE mentally all the time. You must be fair and acknowledge that he was a freshman last year. I think a lot of fans have written him off with two new studs in town as true freshman. Both of them are stars, but Anderson deserves the benefit of the doubt for a learning curve as a freshman. I look for much improved concentration and play in 2009 if he can get on the field.